One road project in Fuzhou lasted for 4 months, but it was not demolished in May-vy canis majoris

Fuzhou road construction period 4 month Weidang nearly 5 month is not removed within the enclosure site under construction of pedestrians and non motorized mixed line, easy to congestion across the net June 24 9 news (reporter Zhu Minmin Wen Mao Zhaoqing sea map) yesterday, a Fuzhou people call the sea are reported to reflect hotline 95060, Industrial Road opposite the temple the original Tsingtao Beer factory land surrounding road engineering, the sign marking time is only 4 months, but now the enclosure nearly 5 months, why not dismantle the enclosure? Reporters learned that, in September this year, Fuzhou centralized renovation of 59 urban road construction block, which includes the project. Public: non mixed blockage yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the site occupied the sidewalks, non motorized vehicles and motor vehicle lanes, half. Existing people are not mixing roads, only one meter wide, and a row of yellow barrier fence separates it from the motorized lane. Engineering Bulletin Board said, the construction unit is Fuzhou municipal construction and Development Co., Ltd., the construction unit is Fujian Shun Construction Engineering Co., ltd.. The construction period is 4 months, but the construction time and the completion time are not marked in the two column. Around the residents said, there are universities, hotels, swimming pools, residential areas, pedestrians and electric vehicles are many, during the rush hour, "shrink" people on the road is not easy to mix long queues, not only for everyone travel inconvenience, but also buried a security risk. Not only that, the duration of the project is 4 months, now blocking nearly 5 months, and signs, construction, completion time are not marked. Construction side: application delay has been approved, and then, reporters entered the site, several workers are under construction. The site construction director Mr. Zhang told reporters, the commencement and completion date is posted, often be torn, do not know who tore. Mr. Zhang said, the traffic police department first time lane construction approval is in late April to late August. However, the construction of the project involves 300 mm gas pressure director, a variety of optical cables and other changes, due to the relocation of each cable unit cable progress has been delayed, resulting in the pile machine has been approaching the construction has been unable to start, delayed the construction period. At the beginning of September, they have been reported to the police department for extension and approval, is expected before New Year’s day can remove the enclosure, completed before the spring festival. Mr. Zhang said that the new date of completion will be posted as soon as possible. Yesterday afternoon, Fuzhou traffic police official told reporters that the road construction must apply to the police department, approval for. In case of emergency needs to be extended, must also be reported to the police department. The person confirmed that they did receive the relevant application for extension of the project. Yesterday, Fuzhou city management departments have been involved in the matter, and sent to the scene to see. Reporters learned that, in September this year, Fuzhou centralized renovation of 59 urban road construction block, the project has also been included. It is reported that the focus on remediation actions aimed at the construction of excessive Lane settings are not standardized enclosure rectification, to delay the construction project of the enclosure dismantle, instead of building the "Wai Weidang dismantled immediately. Citizens said, hope that the functional departments actively investigate and punish the extension project, to ensure that the road traffic and urban environment more orderly. (Strait network) >

福州一道路工程 工期4个月围挡近5月还不拆围挡内工地正在施工行人和非机动车混行,容易拥堵海峡网9月24日讯(海都记者 朱敏敏 文 毛朝青 图)昨日,有福州市民致电海都报热线95060反映,工业路西禅寺对面的原青岛啤酒厂地块周边道路工程,告示牌上标识工期只有4个月,可现在围挡已近5个月,为何围挡迟迟不拆?记者了解到,今年9月,福州市集中整治59个城区道路施工围挡,其中就包括该工程。市民:人非混行易堵昨日,记者在现场看到,工地占据了原有的人行道、非机动车道,以及半条机动车道。现有的人非混行道,仅一米多宽,一排黄色的隔离护栏将其与机动车道分离开来。工程告示牌上写着,建设单位是福州市市政建设开发有限公司,施工单位是福建省顺安建筑工程有限公司。工期显示4个月,但动工时间和完工时间两栏没有标注。周边居民说,这附近有大学、酒店、游泳馆、住宅区等,来往的行人和电动车很多,上下班高峰期,“缩水”的人非混行道上容易排长龙,不仅给大伙出行带来不便,还埋下了安全隐患。不单如此,工期说是4个月,现在围挡已近5个月,而且告示牌上,动工、完工时间都没标注。施工方:申请延期已获批随后,记者进入工地,几名工人正在施工。现场的施工负责人张先生告诉记者,动工和完工的日期是贴上去的,经常被人撕掉,不知道是谁撕的。张先生说,交警部门首次审批的占道施工时间是4月下旬到8月下旬。但该工程的施工,牵涉口径300毫米的燃气中压主管、各种光缆等的改线,后因各迁缆单位的迁缆进度有所拖延,因此导致已经进场的桩机一直无法开工,延误了工期。9月初,他们已经向交警部门申请延期报备并获准,预计元旦前可拆除围挡,春节前竣工。张先生说,会尽快将完工的新日期牢固张贴上。昨日下午,福州交警相关人士告诉记者,占道施工须向交警部门申请,经批准后方可进行。若遇突发情况需要延期的,也必须向交警部门报备。该人士证实,他们确有收到该工程延期申请的相关报备。昨日,福州城管部门已介入此事,并派员前往现场查看。记者了解到,今年9月,福州市集中整治59个城区道路施工围挡,该工程也被列入其中。据悉,集中整治行动旨在对过度占道、设置不规范的施工围挡限期整改,对延期施工项目的围挡限期拆除,对“围而不建”的围挡立即拆除。市民称,希望职能部门积极查处整治延期工程,保障道路通行和城市环境更加有序。 (海峡网)>相关的主题文章: