Old driver Ma Dong jumped on the bus The truth is… – Sohu yuanjiao

Old driver Ma Dong jumped on the bus? The truth is… – Sohu everyone can see, in this short period of ten seconds in the video, Ma Dong want to open the window but was nervous other people inside the car stop, finally several efforts barely pushed a short window gap drilled from the car, one go into high difficulty movement. In the very difficult to escape, Ma Dong also seems quite happy, it seems to be trapped in the car a lot of time. But what is the real reason for the famous artist, CEO Ma Dong, who jumped off the bus? ………… Originally, this "at the bus" is recorded in "goodbye" meat weight loss program that occurs when the site blocked in the car with Jia Ling, Jacky Wu, et al., but Ma Dong’s "jumping behavior" is in the Chaoyang Park instead of on the road, so there is no security problem, many fans. Girls do not have to worry about! So let the famous old artist desperately in the end is how a variety show? As this Wednesday time concerned Youku on-line "goodbye" I said, this program, Jia Ling was the first explosion of his "two rich generation" identity, attracted meat speculation, so what kind of hidden behind the mystery? The meat "crazy face" star uniform open mode, Madden can not stop: Ma Dong admits his mind; Kong Lianshun admitted his jealousy white passengers; Britney Spears blurted out their own loved the men love the king, what is a lie? What is the truth? This Wednesday, Youku see. See Jia Ling, Kong Lianshun, Ma Dong led the king and Jacky Wu will lead the composition of the tail flick Britney Spears, Fang Jiayi composed of natto, pig team will do what yaoezi. Fat tired, want to thin.相关的主题文章: