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Mobile-Cell-Phone In 2011 the Samsung Galaxy S2 was without doubt one of the best phones to be launched by any manufacturer. The model received some excellent reviews and went on to win a number of prestigious awards. Sales for this model were also impressive with over 20 million handsets being sold globally. Thanks to the success of this phone its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, has be.e one of the most eagerly anticipated phone launches of 2012 and new details have surfaced about the exact date when we can expect to see this new device. It is widely believed that we will see the Samsung Galaxy S3 officially launched on May 3rd 2012. It seems as though months of rumours and speculation about the specification of this model will .e to an end when Samsung unveil this exciting new device. A number of experts and publications within the mobile phone world have received invites to an official event on this date where they are asked to ".e and meet the new Galaxy". Although the invite does not specify that this will be the new S3 handset it is hard to envisage Samsung going to such lengths for the launch of any other product. The event is being held at Earls Court in London and will have the attention of technology fans everywhere who will be keen to see what is likely to be.e one of 2012’s leading phones. If the model is unveiled as expected then we could realistically see the device in stores within a matter of days after the event. There has been lots of speculation surrounding this new phone and finally on 3rd May we can see exactly what rumours are correct. We know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will definitely feature an improved chipset. The Samsung Exynos chipset is regarded as one of the finest in the world and there is no doubt that the new version incorporated on this model will include a new quad core processor. Not only will this chip deliver excellent multi tasking speeds to the consumer it will also help the model to .pete with numerous other quad core devices that are being launched such as the HTC One X. Screen size is also likely to increase with a number of reports suggesting a new 4.6 inch or 4.8inch display. There are of course a number of other areas where improvements may be introduced although these rumours are less certain. Still photography resolution may be boosted to 12 million pixels and NFC technology may also be incorporated to enable the handset to be used as a virtual wallet to pay for goods and services. We do not have long to wait until we can stop speculating about the Samsung Galaxy S3. Technology lovers from all over the world will be focusing their attention on Earls Court on the 3rd of May to see what the next generation Galaxy smartphone will have to offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: