Not All Giveaways Are Spam-onavo protect

Marketing If you are a regular Internet user, you must have come across websites, blogs, and pop-ups offering free giveaways. We usually consider them as spam and do not take them seriously. Although few of these giveaways are misleading, but not all of them are spams. In fact recently giveaways have emerged as a powerful promotional tool used by businesses to improve their brand awareness, promote a particular product, or drive sales. Giveaways can vary largely from one company to another. Most of the companies that use free giveaways as a part of their marketing strategy usually cover the amount of the giveaways by increasing the price of some other product. This is true if the companies do not have a large marketing budget or if the price of the giveaways is huge. Sometimes this kind of promotional method is used by businesses to give their customers the products that will keep them reminding about a particular business and hopefully inspire them to even make a purchase. For example, a key chain, magnet or a pen containing your business name, logo and contact information will remind the customer about your business several times a day. This may not accelerate sales immediately, but will make sure that the customer has your business"s name in his mind, even if only subconsciously. Nowadays, several blog owners launch contests to promote their blogs. They either offer their company"s product as giveaways or give gift certificates that can be used to make a purchase. This not only helps them promote their products, but it also helps them increase brand awareness among their targeted customers. Many travel portals give away free vacations in order to establish a trust regarding their services among customers. Many companies use giveaway contests as a method of collecting contact information of potential customers. For example, if a new airline wanted to collect contact information of its possible customers, it may launch a contest asking viewers to subscribe to their newsletter and get a chance to win a free vacation. The database is then used by companies for their future marketing campaign. Although several companies are now offering free giveaways to promote their business, still there are many fake companies that only aim to cheat you. Never trust a company that asks for money to be eligible to participate in giveaway contest. Always check the background of the company and do not reveal any personal information. If played carefully, there are indeed free giveaways. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: