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"No problem" Tokyo Mei Feng said the award-winning black and white "no problem" in an interview with the Tencent (entertainment Zhuangao Mei Feng Wen Chen Yuan Zhang Chao camera) just at the twenty-ninth Venice Film Festival won the best artistic contribution award of the "no problem", is indeed a very prominent style movie. But you absolutely can not think, director Feng Mei and Lou Ye had three co screenwriter, he let the movie image to a minimalist black and white lake state classic, almost no camera movement, props is pitiful. Don’t look like the movie now, but the real birth of Republic in the old movie. After winning, interviewed Mei Feng told us that this award can be really happy, because as the Beijing Film Academy launched the "new school" one of his works, and the team has achieved the initial purpose. As part of the film aesthetics, what are the interesting thing, winning before he had to explain in detail and we. He said he was looking through the data, see black and white photos or movies, so he believes that color is only our subjective imagination. However, although the theme of the Republic, but he does not love to fill the screen with too many props, props for his plants and pictures are removed, but the more the audience should have the projection space, leaving the characters and actors. Interestingly, everyone loves Wei Fan is also part of the classical aesthetics. But he is no longer a small character over some people love to hate. He wears a head of oil, wore a spotless robe, familiar to walk between the lady and the farmer, is a typical representative of the small China guan’er, even if it is later excluded, or through their own way to the farm, at this time, a sort of expression but the heart more selfish people have overwhelmed with admiration for deduction. Wei Fan, director Mei Feng used the phrase: I think he is a genius." The crew of the Tokyo Award for the adaptation of Lao She, because he wrote the Chinese people today have not changed Tencent Entertainment: when did the idea of a director? Mei Feng: in the past has been doing the screenwriter, the professional background of the film school teacher, contact with the film for a long time there is understanding, would like to try to do the director, to do the work of a state of their own. Tencent Entertainment: at that time to see the original works of Mr. Mei Feng: at that time I felt very surprised and very pleasantly surprised. Say, in addition to the study of Lao She’s experts, I am afraid that this is a literary lovers will ignore the work. Tencent Entertainment: how do you understand it? Mei Feng: it’s a very cartoon style to build the dramatic space, this space is only one Ding Wuyuan maintained stability in social relations inside, other people are not the same. Lao She is actually doing the deep structure of Chinese culture. This is something I think is interesting and worth doing. Tencent Entertainment: there is no need to relate to reality, because I also read only to find that the original people I met with too many people are very similar. Mei Feng: should use this mentality to create the theme of the times. Even the Song Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty or take the Ming and Qing Dynasties, are part of today’s experience to.相关的主题文章: