Ningbo Xiangshan Zhou found a strange insect like Cordyceps flower is like grass

Ningbo Xiangshan Zhou found a strange insect like Cordyceps flower like grass plants in Ningbo City, Ningbo Xiangshan insect expert Lin Hailun in Xizhou mountain area discovered a strange Cordyceps flower, looked like a worm like grass. In November 6th, Lin Hailun inspected the plant in Xiangshan Zhou mountain, a clump of white fluffy fungus found in roadside soil, with a bamboo pole gently touch, immediately a lot of white smoke wafting spores. After digging out the fungus, Helen discovered that it was a strange Cordyceps flower. The so-called Cordyceps flower, and its name is taken as a flower, but the appearance of both "strange animal" and "plant" morphology. The forming process is simple, certain insect larvae are parasitic, fungal infection before emergence, when the climatic conditions suitable to absorb the worm nutrition into mycelium, the final parasite is mycelium completely occupied and only a shell. Here, we will associate the celebrated cordyceps. In fact, the so-called Cordyceps flower is what we usually say cordyceps. Just because of its appearance, the exposed branches like a blooming flower, and Cordyceps "slim" image, hence the name "Cordyceps flower" to distinguish. Cordyceps Hawkesii in April 2013 in southern Xiangshan Tajima was found. Because it looks similar to Cordyceps sinensis, once caused a sensation, and even a lot of people made a special trip to Taobao". In fact, only produced in Cordyceps sinensis on the Tibetan Plateau as the center region, the altitude of 3500 meters to 5000 meters in the moist alpine shrub and alpine meadow. Ningbo’s climate, environment is not suitable for its growth. Helen Lin said, taking into account the Cordyceps flower was found in Xiangshan, he temporarily to the strange Cordyceps flower has a name called "Xiangshan Cordyceps Cordyceps flower".相关的主题文章: