New York bombing suspects weekdays friendly return to Afghanistan, a large change in temperament – S-sayu-02

New York bombing suspects on friendly temperament changed back from Afghanistan – Sohu [global network news roundup] according to the Broadcasting British Corporation and the The Associated Press reported that the alleged bombing in New York attacks suspect Rahami (Ahmad Khan Rahami) local time on September 19th was arrested in New Jersey, linden. In the arrest of Rahami during the firefight, two police officers were injured. Television pictures showed that the man was lying on a stretcher and was taken to an ambulance. Police released information shows that Rahami is a U.S. citizen of Afghanistan, was born in Afghanistan in January 23, 1988, after the u.s.. Rahami’s last known address is located in the city of New Jersey, Elizabeth. Rahami and his family usually work together in a restaurant called "the first American fried chicken" in Elizabeth. They live in the dining room, just a few miles from the airport. Often this diner Mccann (Ryan McCann) said: "lahmi usually friendly, which makes people afraid." He said that the United States and the United States seem to have been the United States, and very common, the most common is his car. The Associated Press said, although friends and customers feel quiet lahmi and friendly, but in Afghanistan after his temperament has undergone great changes. Jones, who knew Jones from adolescence, said that in 2014, after his trip to Afghanistan in, Mr Rahami became more "religious", and his character and dress were markedly changed. He became more quiet mature, more favored national costumes. When asked where to go, he said he had gone on holiday, but his brother said he was in afghanistan. Reported that law enforcement officials said that although the incident for the night, but the screen can be clearly seen on the monitor’s face, and his fingerprints were found at the scene. Rahami is not in the United States to monitor the tendency to attack the fear and no fly on the list, he had been asked by the relevant departments of immigration motives. Another official from the law enforcement agency said Sunday that three other men and women, and Rahami, who had been intercepted by investigators on the other side of the train to the airport were also "connected."". According to media reports, New Jersey police said Rahami was also suspected of the United States Marine Corps charity marathon explosion related. 17 am local time, New Jersey, a U.S. Marine Corps launched a charity run along the explosion occurred, causing no casualties. 17 evening, New York Chelsea District, Manhattan street, the Sixth Avenue and the explosion occurred between the Seventh Avenue, causing a total of 29 people were injured. Since then, New Jersey city of Elizabeth in the evening of 18 police found a suspected explosive device containing a plurality of parcels in the vicinity of the train station, one device explosion triggered bomb process, causing no casualties. Currently, three incidents are still under investigation, there is no correlation between them is not known. According to U.S. media reports, there are similarities in the use of explosive devices in three incidents, behind or have the same force planning implementation.相关的主题文章: