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[network] Zhan Tianyou CLS Fucai 3D 16266th: 10-20, and the range of values through the pendulum impact analysis, the open prize number 525, the number of the ball impact force on the whole trend of instability, the ball pendulum wave power weakened, the 100 point force will stay at 489 on the ten force the foothold may stay in 031, who will stay at 657. Two, so this period there will be a high probability number should be 0135679 three, according to the above analysis we can draw the following note number: 406405407436435437 416415417804805807 834835837864815817 904905907931935937 914915917 four, 635 five, I selected code: analysis of this issue of Danma is: 6 six, seven, 931937, 406405435831835815: select the above analysis combined with the current observation value and fan Wai: 10-20 and value recommended: 1016相关的主题文章: