Nearly 40 elite PubMed network for the cottage search ranking students

Nearly 40 schools moved copycat: search ranking students cheated – Beijing, "China Agricultural University network" page screenshot "also for" Baidu search ranking higher than the "Beijing Normal University Research Institute official website" "also for" pages "National People’s Congress for" page screenshot "I bought one thousand dollars the data, it was found that is a copy of the contents of the textbooks, useless." Recently, a research student at Beijing Normal University School Forum posts for help asking whether they cheated, selling data is a "Beijing Normal University Beijing" (), the network made himself as the school official. From the national research examination less than two months, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University, the National People’s Congress nearly 40 famous domestic "official Beijing" publicly selling high priced PubMed data, broke the candidates around the money dashuipiao frequent events. What do these schools "website what mystery? What is the so-called "internal" information? Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that the investigation, × college entrance examination network is almost consistent with the use of the site template, and in Baidu search rankings often higher than the Graduate School of the University official website by the former. After the website information tracking, the so-called elite official entrance examination network in the Ministry of industry is currently no record, there are indications that the actual controller behind them, from an educational institution called Chinese entrance examination. Buy "event candidates of Beijing Normal University Beijing" cheated thousand yuan in September this year, the network called "smile to feast" friends in Beijing Normal University Forum egg network posting asking whether they cheated, the friends said they spend thousands of yuan, which is from Beijing Normal University in the PubMed net purchase of postgraduate specialized information. At that time, the website operators claiming to be the sister school of Beijing Normal University, the students thought can be linked to the sister school seniors, did not want to buy "". However, she was found to have received copies of the contents of the textbook, no use for postgraduate entrance examination. Subsequently, the consult books often and often "sister", "sister" and finally disappeared on the other side of the Internet, and their data of money. The students on the net posts said, first consoled myself is "very few graduate students in order to make money, this so-called fool to deceptive, until the normal university students forum users have replied that she cheated". Another candidate told reporters BYD, cheated a few students, now they know suffered the same experience of students is about 60. The candidates in Beijing Normal University Beijing "() is exactly what kind of website, BYD reporters open website introduction, it clearly says:" founded by Beijing Normal University official work study center of Beijing Normal University students, which belongs to the official work study center of semi public welfare website, so it can be said to the official website is nearly ten years, Beijing Normal University School only PubMed website". The website also describes the website "reincarnation": "one day during the summer of 2004, we held in Beijing Normal University campus, North University Alumni that we all started in Beijing Normal University PubMed network reason, get the most support", then the birth of the "Beijing Normal University beijing". Investigation of various colleges and Universities相关的主题文章: