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A hero — Guo Chuan for the north to break a world record for MBA degree   sports Sohu; Beijing time on October 26th, when the waters near is single sailing across the Pacific China occupation contestant Guo Sichuan in sailing sailing to the Hawaii, at 25 PM Beijing time three points after the team lost contact with the shore. Guo Chuan MBA from the Peking University of Guanghua School of Management, who worked in the Department of aerospace China Great Wall Industry Corp, involved in the international commercial satellite launch, the occupation competitive sailboat racer, has repeatedly to create Chinese sailing for the first time". Guo Chuan, born in January 1965, native of Shandong Qingdao, graduated from Beihang University, then obtained MBA degree from the Peking University in Guanghua School of Management. He has been a member of the Ministry of Astronautics of China Great Wall Industry Corp and participated in the international commercial satellite launching. As the "first person" Chinese occupation sailing, sailing events in the international well-known Guo Sichuan has many first, such as "the first Volvo global sailing Asian", "the first solo across the English Channel Chinese" etc.. In November 18, 2012, Guo Chuan is about to open the voyage of sailing around the world. The sea has experienced nearly 138 days, more than 21600 miles of hard sailing, Guo Chuan on the morning of April 5, 2013 8 when driving around the "Qingdao" sailing to the home port of Qingdao, became the first single uninterrupted global navigation achievements Albert Chinese, also recognized by the International Sailing Federation will create 40 foot sailing single uninterrupted sailing around the world record. April 5, 2013, Guo Chuan was awarded the honorary title of "the image of the city of sailing capital" by the Qingdao municipal government. Volvo global Regatta is one of the world’s most influential, the most difficult race professional sailing events and team sports, Guo Chuan is 2008 to 2009 Volvo global sailing only one Asian, is the first time to participate in the game and completed Chinese game, which lasted 10 months, passing through St Petersburg, Alicante – Cape Town – Cochin – Singapore – Qingdao – Rio De Janeiro – Boston – Goteborg – Stockholm – Galway, sailing about 39000 miles. Guo Chuan’s "China Qingdao" trimaran in Beijing on October 19th at 5:24 and 11 seconds, San Francisco local time on October 18th at 14:24 11 seconds from San Francisco to Golden Gate Bridge, Shanghai Jinshan as the destination, a non-stop trans Pacific Voyage record. Beijing time on October 25th at about 15, Guo Chuan and shore team and relatives and friends by satellite telephone contact, informed of the navigation at that time, readme sailing smoothly, it is estimated that in November, 5, 6, arrived at the destination of Shanghai. But shortly thereafter, Beijing time is about 15 in October 25th after the emergence of sailing speed conditions in the United States in Hawaii, Guo Chuanan team to this phenomenon after observation, trying to contact Guo Chuan, but Guo Sichuan on satellite telephone and Internet communications are no response. (Alse)相关的主题文章: