N method of death in Ancient Tomb Raider jodie foster

N ancient tomb raider death China most tombs with earth and rock pile, after hundreds of years of rain erosion and crustal movement, these tombs are easy to collapse in the process of mining, a little loose can make people suffocated inside. In addition to the reasons for building materials, many of the tomb owner in order not to be disturbed after death, but also in the tomb to set up organs. The most common is the trap, V crossbows killing tools. But it can also play a role in timeworn, the estimate did not have much. What is the most deadly thing in the tomb? In fact, it should be "gas", most of the tomb built in the ground, the air is not circulating, in addition to the lack of oxygen, but also lead to the accumulation of toxic gas, into the tomb of the most invisible killer. What are these toxic gases? The most common is carbon monoxide, this gas is the toxicity was found in the process of alchemy. Pre Qin, Qin and Han Dynasties aristocracy, rich people like to use the tomb on the theft. These tombs are mostly "coke layer", that is the carbon burnt but not burning completely the charcoal, the burning method is the most easy to produce carbon monoxide, many thieves eventually become funerary because it is. In addition there are some carbon monoxide poison medicine is also very common, such as cinnabar, alunite, magnetite, realgar, gall stone like, these stones at a certain temperature, will produce toxic. The archaeological process, often see these stones in the grave, and some also used to pad the coffin. Because these medicine not only can use a lot of security is the elixir of raw materials, so a lot of the tomb owner will use them to. One of the most common forms of poison is the corpse gas, which is the gas emitted by the human body. The number of bacteria in the body increases dramatically after the death of the immune system, resulting in the creation of a foul smelling gas. Once the body gas filled open will make people vomiting or syncope, some disease and infectious mortality after the body will produce poison, is also said to kill invisible weapon". So experienced thieves will open the cover immediately evacuated to safe areas, such as body gas dispersed. There are many ancient coffins to deflate the method, such as a hole drilled in the coffin, and then put out gas lit candles, let it burn ten minutes to half an hour, it was said that gas will form a long blue flame in the candle, looks very dark. Source: UFO exploration network相关的主题文章: