More than 100 athletes to participate in the Sixth National Fitness games in Shandong, the rock clim ca1806

More than 100 athletes to participate in the 2016 Shandong Provincial People’s fitness competition, rock climbing competition – as a kind of fashion, the athletes in the game to show their own. Hu Yaojie photo Beijing, September 25 Qingdao Xinhua (reporter Hu Yaojie) 2016 Chinese climbing competition of sports lottery in Shandong Province Sixth National Fitness games (QingDao Railway Station) September 25th held in Qingdao Sporting Club Hotel rock climbing dancer. The climbing competition known as the "rock ballet", the tournament attracted from Shandong province each city more than 100 climbers and more than and 20 climbing team. It is reported that this tournament is sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Shandong Sports Institute sports school supervisor. For the first time to enter the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, this event has women’s difficulty, speed race, men’s difficulty, speed race. Age from 6 to the age of 60 is divided into three groups, fully embodies the strength and beauty of the climbing project, teamwork and never give up the spirit of climbing. According to the Qingdao Municipal Sports Bureau responsible person, the effect of the event with the brand of fitness activity itself, to explore a new idea to create and climbing cultural life, deeply combined with the local tourism resources, through the organization of scientific and civilized, healthy and upward masses of rock climbing, constantly meet the growing diversification of fitness needs. Rock climbing competition as a new entry into the Olympic Games, I hope that through this kind of competition to expand the mass base, improve the competitive level of the climbing project. After a day of competition, men’s group A speed champion Ji Qianrui, difficulty champion Sun Lechen; men’s group B difficulty and speed competitions champion Wang Wei; Liu Muyin won the women’s group A difficulty and speed competitions double; women’s group B difficulty champion Li Xiumei, racing Champions Zhao Yun. (end)相关的主题文章: