Miss Hong Kong Feng Yingying admitted burst foul language in order to increase interest tianbi

Miss Hong Kong Feng Yingying admitted burst foul language: in order to increase the interest of Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 15th news, according to Hongkong media reports, "swearing Gangjie" Feng Yingying met "scared foul" Huang Cuiru, yesterday (September 14th) two people in the same field, Huang Cuiru attended the ceremony activities for the Miss Hong Kong film brand endorsement. Huang Cuiru had the message will be deleted in the language users of social networking sites because of her, she said she had heard a foul will be sad. The Yellow Cuiru encounter swearing Feng Yingying, Huang Cuiru did not fear, but also with generous praise each other brave, started by public attention, still very well, showing the wisdom, so I want to study with them. Feng Yingying had the courage to admit swearing support, her happy users get support. She said: "I admit, just for what they have done responsibly, both before and after the election Gangjie didn’t change, there’s pressure, there is not good enough, will improve!" Paragliding in midair swearing called "beep" Feng Yingying the latest outflow of a shooting last year online video paragliding when swearing, and Stuart told jokes very bold taste entrainment. In the middle of the episode, Feng Yingying said in the middle of the sky, "the people look at us and we all stay X…… Stay left!" She also said: "Du left his camera! Du left her! (delete the sentence) "she explained this program was taken last year, jokes and cold jokes are designed for dialogue," Du "is also in order to increase the film interesting added effect. Feng Yingying also said the usual conversations with people who don’t speak foul language, avoid uncomfortable, unless there is a strong emotion will be written on the Internet platform, she said: "the people of Hongkong as part of a view of what’s happening in Hongkong, concern is expressed, will use a flat and tolerant attitude, and reduce unnecessary misunderstanding!" Huang Cuiru: I don’t have the habit of asking the most afraid of swearing "Huang Cuiru whether to accept Feng Yingying swearing? She said: "it will not be accepted, these are very personal things, we work hard every day to grow up, I do not have this habit to talk about." Mention of her boyfriend Edwin Siu [micro-blog] usually have swearing habits? Huang Cuiru said: "in my memory, he did not speak foul language in front of me." If her boyfriend will not speak foul language? She replied to see what happened. They seldom quarrel with each other, angry, but also laugh at each other recently due to illness and physical weakness, he is not willing to bully each other. Huang Cuiru said: "he did not even take force, he just began to think that mosquito bite, boil for a week, from the waist to the back of the chickenpox, around the body, after taking photos to the doctor, the doctor immediately asked him to go to the clinic, he rested for a late start!" Liu Yingxuan has a long distance relationship with the field runner up of miss Liu Yingxuan said difficult after the election is very busy, even Miss Hong Kong finals have no time to watch the replay, so Feng Yingying did not pay attention to the news. Talking about her was revealed to have a boyfriend, she admitted there are dating, said boyfriend is in love one year study in the United States. The other award for her happy, but he was determined to stay in Hongkong, will face a long distance relationship, fear of difficulties. Will not give up this feeling? She said, with a little hesitation, "let nature take its course, and see what happens."相关的主题文章: