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Min Lulei: Shandong is the weak strong fight Maurice is injured is injured in JINGWAH times in Maurice (reporter Liu Xuhui) yesterday Beijing team away 106 to 89 victory over the Shandong high-speed, 3 game winning streak at the same time, also broke away for 8 years Shandong curse, the end of the 11 straight away, and Shandong the team suffered two defeats. The two historical meeting 56 times, Shandong 30 wins and 26 losses slight advantage, since the start of the 2008-2009 season, the 8 consecutive season (including playoffs included), Shandong’s home court against Beijing once won 11 consecutive games, but this record in this encounter end. Beijing 52 of the 47 dominant rebounds, the team scored in double figures 4, Maurice 34 points and 11 rebounds, Zhai Xiaochuan 20 points and 11 rebounds, Zhang Qingpeng 20 points from the last section, Marbury 15 points and 8 assists and 5 rebounds, Yue Sun 6 points and 9 rebounds; Shandong team, Cole 23 points and 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Thompson 17 15 points and 16 rebounds, Tao Hanlin, Ding Yan Yu Hang 14 points, Li Jingyu 10 points, 3 points and 5 rebounds and 4 steals, Sui ran. Beijing men’s basketball coach Min Lulei for the evaluation of the Shandong men’s basketball team of two foreign aid Cole and Thompson, their 30 foreign aid Cole, we just put him outside investment, we can’t hit; as for Thompson, he is in the paint badly." Min Lulei said the team is prepared to be more fully, we attack is very patient, that is, with the Shandong team to grind, everyone’s mentality is very good, in the face of the Shandong team is to play weak, the team in the rhythm control done very well. Foreign aid Maurice has some injuries, we are also in line for his style of play, the two home also played well, it is more normal, right now, Zhang Qingpeng." Guangdong overtime win over Liaoning referee practice of "zero tolerance" a blow four "T" JINGWAH Times News (reporter Liu Xuhui) in a focus of the war, Guangdong ushered in the 3 game winning streak in Liaoning, after the overtime battle, Guangdong 124 to 115 victory over Liaoning, Yi Jianlian scored 42 points, triumphant. The game, Yi Jianlian comeback scored 42 points, Sloan also has a good performance, he sent out a total of 36 points and 9 assists. Boozer showed a bit dull, get 6 points and 11 rebounds, failed to bring the necessary support to Guangdong. Zhao Rui two consecutive hit 3 key points, he scored 17 points, Zhou Peng 13 points and 10 rebounds. Liaoning array of Hodson is still difficult to resist the big kill, after the field can get 36 points. The game against Guangdong, Hodson in the confrontation against the more excited, cut 38 points in the next minutes. Liaoning two big inside good performance, Han Dejun scored 22 points and 17 rebounds, and Randolph also got 26 points and 20 rebounds. It is worth mentioning that the referee for 4 consecutive times because the players and coaches have complained to the "T", fully practice the "zero tolerance" rules. In fact, the "zero tolerance" policy has been implemented for many seasons, but it is always because of this and that reason that it has not been well implemented. And this referee for the implementation of zero tolerance will be a signal: this season, the referee will increase the zero tolerance efforts.相关的主题文章: