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Million annual salary of about 400000 tax is not high? Beijing – Shu Shengxiang "I worked so hard to earn one million annual salary, but to pay about 400000 tax, some stocks overnight earned millions of dollars, the stock transfer is exempt from tax, this is not fair." Zhang Li, director of tax administration, a daily consumer goods business. Zhang Li believes that 45% of the marginal tax rate on the high side of their own year to pay so many tax, and did not enjoy better public services in education, health care. And some of the best people around to choose to develop in other countries, one of the reasons is that the individual tax burden without supporting social welfare. When a lot of people is not high income in dispute 120 thousand annual salary, "threshold" should be adjusted to what the right, there is a basic mentality: should pay more tax the rich, the poor pay less, it is best not to pay. Of course, the premise is that the public welfare of the poor must be the same as the rich, it is better than the rich. Get less tax benefits, the human self, although such highfalutin reasons regulate the gap between rich and poor, can speak catchy, but after all, is nothing more than human self-interest, unwilling to pay, only want to harvest. We are keen to discuss tax issues, the core is the poor standard. "Tax threshold" or "120 thousand high income" worth mentioning, is to strive to be included in the ranks of the poor. But in fact, now pay the tax has been very few people, only 28 million people, accounting for less than 2% of the total population. If you want to look at the proportion of the population, there are eligible to pay a tax, it seems that they are not really poor". However, you do not want to and the total population ratio, you have to be with the people around you than the high income, put a variety of practical situations, mortgage, child education, support the elderly, look down on disease. Is this the truth? Certainly。 The problem is, if you know yourself this occupies a total population of 2% in the forefront of the theory of "the rich", was not easy; those a little higher than your income in your eyes "the rich", what you should pay higher taxes, and that they most probably it did not actually happen must be very good enough. Afford the high taxes? Different income levels have different consumption demand, people living in rural areas that you get a monthly income of over 10000, will think you so much money how to use up; you think those millions of years into the life of people, in fact and guaranteeing that families in rural areas is the same as the eyes to see you. Million annual salary to pay about 400000 tax, a lot of people probably did not really want to, behind the tax discussion to help those who are silent, in fact, bear the heaviest tax burden. Think of your income cut close to you is what kind of mentality? It is said that the annual income of more than one million to 80% tax is good, and some people say, I have a million annual salary, to pay a tax is also willing to pay 950 thousand". Of course, such a person will never be a million annual salary, not only they will not, all rational people will not pursue such an annual salary of one million. High tax burden is in fact a punishment for success, the transmission is still the concept of poverty equals glory. How do you get your high income.相关的主题文章: