Miao old monk do you know that you are a puppet borderland

Miao old monk: do you know that you are a puppet? Do you know that you are a puppet? (source: Phoenix Buddhism) you want happiness work? No matter what you do, you are happy to accept it! I get this honor, people think highly of me. " It will be very happy; if you always think, ‘why did you send it to me? Do you often work all day depressed, bored to death! Your work is not tired! The inevitable pain and happy things, why not give yourself a job? To do things with joy, you can do well, but also happy body and mind; do not want to do things, unwilling to love, not only to do their own distress, why bother so self? Now that you have to do it, why not do it? Everybody is happy not good? You eliminate worry what good method? The best way is to learn patience, heart to encounter things, a good place to think, for each other’s ideas, obedient; praise good people, bad don’t say don’t exist in the mind. Not only did not worry, others see you also happy! This is a good way to get rid of trouble. You know she is a puppet? Not carry people, people say something about you, you say you do not laugh; good long face not happy. So that people call you cry, you cry; call you laugh, you laugh, you this is not a puppet who is playing? If you are really qianghan, will not be led by people run! People in vanity fair! You know what? You can not ask for trouble! Encounter a bad thing, the wise man will go to a happy place; karma who wants to be more heavy gas, so big trouble, that is not asking for it? Why don’t you find fun and try to solve it? The face of vexatious people how to handle? The best is not the same in a calm mood, he argues, MianQue becomes much clearer and bitter resentment; you sincerely with a "Amitabha", the removal of millions is not, how comfortable! [introduction] miaolian mage was born in 1922, the old monk native of Anhui Province, the 9 year old monk, Chaoxian, 20 years old at lvzong Zuting Jiangsu Jurong Dabao Huashan Longchang Temple by Sangha, ordained in the Suzhou Dojo founder imprint lingyanshan Temple participation, 1949 to Hong Kong, then cover on Lantau Island and the castle. Xiufan for 20 years. The 20 year old monk miaolian retreat practice and solutions, "pratyutpanna during the practice of up to 10 times". Have a "pratyutpanna", which lasted 90 days, which often do not sit, not lying, 24 hours in the line around the Buddha, Buddha or Buddha, without a break, every day in addition to a Chinese food, will be fully engaged in the Buddha, non ordinary people can and. 1981, Miao Miao monk decided to Taiwan. The old monk in Taiwan to promote throughout the pure land school advised people to Buddha, lingyanshan temple, a relic of the yinzu. In 1984, the old monk in Puli Nantou Town, founded the Taiwan lingyanshan temple, the temple for the Buddha virtuous door, the law of life and diligence, intends to continue China ancient jungle dojo in the wind. The old monk life neochem had received numerous arguments million disciples converted to Buddhism, died in 2008, at the age of 88.相关的主题文章: