Mianyang, a super super long ultra wide car a cardboard car crumbling (video) spyair

Mianyang, a super ultra long ultra wide vehicle a cardboard car "rickety" super long super long trucks! Recently, the Jiangyou police in carrying out centralized illegal acts of freight vehicle campaigns, found the road in front of a "body fat" rickety truck to drive a car, cardboard "ramshackle", the whole body is tilted, serious violations of road traffic. When the police asked the driver Yang Moushi, Yang still luck said: "police comrades, I pull the cardboard is not overweight, slow down, as long as it should not be an accident!" The traffic police on duty told Yang, truck loading board, although there is no overload, but high, wide, long, sight of other vehicles seriously affected, cargo serious accumulation, leading to the center of gravity of the body increases, so that the whole body weight increased, in case of emergency situation will lead to accidents. Subsequently, the traffic police on duty for the driver Yang this violation of traffic safety, disregard of others and their own life severely criticized the conduct and were punished according to the law, request the unloading transport, eliminate the hidden danger of traffic accident. The police appealed to the passenger and freight vehicle driver, must not be for a little petty profits while ignoring the road traffic safety lead to disaster, loss and damage to the lives and property of themselves and others. (Jiangyou Taiwan correspondent: Care) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, only the extended reading survey in Heilongjiang to release the money overload vehicle 8 officers involved police were suspended相关的主题文章: