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Jewelry-Diamonds Today, we often talk about crystals and semi-precious stones as tools in various metaphysical practices. Indeed, the metaphysical stones and crystals have been present on our planet for a long period of time, supporting our development. Different crystals and semiprecious stones are able to irradiate their love and spirituality into the world. They shine, reflect and transmitting the Sun’s light, love, and warmth, helping us with their inner vibrations and stable, constant energy. We can safely say that God created crystals to be support and help to the world and to remind people of the original ineradicable design which is still impressed in the hearth of the Great Divine Mother. From the point of view of the physical science, minerals are capable of receiving and emitting light. Crystals and semi precious stones are made out of atoms of various kinds. They enter their structure in a regular fashion, therefore they emit light in a regular and always predictive way. The chemical .position of a certain type of stone can give us insight about the properties of the crystal structures. For example, rock crystal, one of the prevailing minerals on Earth, belongs to the silica family. Its chemical formula is SiO2, meaning that there are twice as many atoms of oxygen than atoms of silicon. Minerals, precious and semi-precious stones have always been fascinating us, and this is due to their visual appeal, purity, transparency, color, shine, and brilliance. The spiritual practice is able to expand the usefulness of the mineral kingdom. We know now that minerals belong to the first plane of consciousness and that indeed minerals possess consciousness, if only very faint. Thus, it is no surprise when we say that crystals and semi precious stones can be our friends and our teachers. Crystals are useful in the process of crystal therapy. Here, one can use individual crystals, but more often one deals with specific crystal patterns. These crystal patters can be produced in various geometrical shapes. It is believed that specific geometrical shapes are capable of creating specific light tubes, by means of which our body is able to open itself toward the multidimensional realms of reality. During the crystal therapy, individual crystals can be placed directly on the area of pain, on the specific meridians, acupressure points, and on the energy centers – chakras. A delicate .bination of sound, light and color is also one of the possibilities to be used in parallel with the selected crystals for crystal healing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: