Men’s online shopping block found in line with the advertising campaign thousands of miles to Yiwu r soulseek

Men’s online shopping block found inconsistent with the ads running thousands of miles to Yiwu activist October 27th lunch break, Yiwu City Consumer Protection Committee Office sounded a string of knock on the door. "I am from Shanxi, but I can not find the right to sell products in Yiwu, please help me." Knock on the door of the man surnamed Zhang, holding a piece of watches, looks relatively new. Mr. Zhang said that this watch is the end of September from the Internet to the Amoy, upon receipt of the goods found, with advertising is big, so I want to back, went to Yiwu to return, but can not find the seller. Online shopping and advertising does not match the seller refused to return Mr. Zhang said he was on the phone to see this watch ads, style atmosphere, fine workmanship, but as long as the price of 298 yuan, is very exciting. Mr. Zhang carefully asked the seller, that Seller in Yiwu city streets under the village quay operation. After the two sides confirmed the details of the goods and shopping, mr.. In October 2nd, he received a parcel mailed, opened a look, some disappointed, and the advertising is relatively large." Because the consumer protection law, the provisions of the purchase of goods within 7 days from the date of arrival can be no reason to return, Mr. Zhang immediately communicate with the sale of watches business. He proposed to replace the same watch with the advertisement, the other party did not promise. Zhang proposed refund, merchants refused. Mr. Zhang is annoyed, decided from Shanxi to Yiwu, to find the seller rights. In October 25th, he set out from Shanxi to Xinzhou, to train twice, spanning 1550 kilometers, arrived in Yiwu on October 27th. According to Mr. Zhang had business address, came to the village quay Yiwu city streets, looking for watch sales businesses, the results find a circle did not find, so think of the Consumer Protection Commission to seek help. The seller refunds mediation by law enforcement officers also pay the fare to understand the situation, Yiwu City Consumer Protection Committee market supervision of the crowded city Yiwu City, accompanied by Mr. Zhang to let them find the seller under the village quay on the other hand; shopping "to Yiwu city network management supervision and management office, by the technical staff to carry out search. Technical staff access to the shopping platform where the registration information, the platform operated by a Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Yiwu, registered address in Beiyuan street. Beiyuan market supervision staff according to the enterprise registration information, contact the shopping platform operator, the platform operator provides watch sales business contact, and law enforcement officers together through mediation. When the parties agreed to return a refund for consumers, and to compensate consumers fare back and forth, a total of 730 yuan. Mr. Zhang expressed satisfaction with the results of the mediation, happy to take the train back home. Extended reading online shopping to pay attention to what matters "double 11" is approaching, Yiwu city market authority to remind consumers, online shopping do not impulse spending, to avoid unnecessary waste; pay attention to online shopping commodity price changes, the price of the best through multiple platforms, a variety of channels to understand the purchase of goods or services, do not be fooled by false don’t fall into the trap of low-quality discount; online shopping orders must sign before unpacking, in case of discrepancies should be refused, keep shopping vouchers and necessary packaging, to facilitate the return; be sure to choose the regular shopping site shopping, do not click on the page.相关的主题文章: