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Men are undocumented hide check accelerated hanging down fractures caused by its female police jingfangxingju – Beijing, Beijing, Zhoukou, November 11, (Liu Peng) due to illegal driving license after the road is still detained, undocumented illegal driving. In order to avoid detection, accelerated to escape the duty policewoman hanging down to the ground, causing the fracture. 11, Henan Zhoukou police, the driver has today by the police according to detention. According to the briefing, November 10, 2016, about 10:50 in the morning, Han driving a black Mercedes Benz car to Zhoukou City Bayi Road and the intersection of the 71 intersection turn right at the stop, and then forced to change to the straight lane straight, affect other normal running of the vehicle was stopped by traffic police on duty, and require the production of documents. Because before the driver license illegal Han was detained, the driver’s driving behavior, driving without a license, the fear of being police punishment Han suddenly accelerated to escape, will stand in the window of the enforcement of police dragged nearly 5 meters and hung down to the ground, causing the right clavicle fracture. After the incident, the local leaders at all levels attach great importance to the Zhoukou municipal government deputy mayor, city public security bureau director Wang Ping, go all out, quickly solve the case, according to the law, the police to the wounded to cure". At the same time, the Zhoukou Municipal Public Security Bureau 71 Road branch, criminal investigation and other departments work closely together to investigate, find the suspects escape trajectory. The police also issued a document to warn the driver gave himself up. The morning of November 11th at about 8, Han suspects under pressure to surrender 71 Branch security duty room. At present, the suspect Han has been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed. (end)相关的主题文章: