Mass production 2101 No. 20 engine has new changes nozzle one big one small (Figure)

Production of type 2101 fighter 20 engine has new changes: nozzle one big one small (Chart) recently, users released a group of No. 2101 fighter -20 four generation machine for flight test of the latest picture. In the ground debugging process, the fighter -20 staged a "big eye" screen, by controlling two engines separately to make the tail nozzle one big and one small. Related news: Recently, the number 2101 of the "yellow" f -20 fighter picture appears on the network, "the Daily Beast" website that China launched this version f -20 prototype to absorb all the advantages of improvement before the prototype, from the number of changes (previously numbered 20 at the beginning, such as 2001, 2002) and identify the color, China mass production of F -20 fighter. The 2101 -20 fighter was coated with yellow paint instead of the black or bright grey of the other versions of the previous fighter. Foreign media quoted domestic media reports said, the prototype and verification machine painting can be determined by the factory, and if equipped troops, painting needs to be determined by the military, which may still be one of the reasons for the Yellow paste is still retained. If this version of F -20 fighter is the production version of the aircraft will join the new Chinese fleet air force conventional aircraft, pilots and logistics personnel will commence training for new aircraft, flying will produce more f -20, until a complete set up dozens of fighters formation.

量产型2101号歼20发动机有新变化:喷口一大一小(图)   近日,网友发布一组2101号歼-20四代机进行试飞的最新画面。在地面调试过程中,这架歼-20战机上演了一段“大小眼”的画面,通过分别控制两台发动机使尾喷口一大一小。   相关消息:   近日,网络上出现编号为2101的“黄皮”歼-20战斗机照片,《每日野兽》网站认为中国推出的这版歼-20原型机吸收了之前原型机的所有改进优点,从其编号变化(此前编号为20开头,如2001、2002)和颜色判断,中国开始量产歼-20战机。   此次编号为2101的歼-20战机身披黄漆,而不是此前其它版本战机的黑色或亮灰色。外媒引述国内媒体报道称,原型机和验证机的涂装可以由工厂确定,而如果装备部队,涂装就需要由军方确定,这或许是目前仍保留黄色底漆的原因之一。   如果这版歼-20战机是量产版本,那么该战机将加入中国空军常规战机新编队,飞行员和后勤保障人员将开始展开针对新战机的训练,成飞也将生产更多的歼-20,直到一个数十架战机编队组建完成。相关的主题文章: