Marriage rules 2 will broadcast Huang Shengyi and then set the black and white with the group of

"2" marriage will broadcast Huang Shengyi Song Xiaobao group with black and white Sina entertainment news after a lapse of three years, the "twenty-second rules" the original marriage gathered again, director Kim Chen [micro-blog] surgeon, Huang Shengyi Song Xiaobao, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] strength regression, interpretation of "twenty-second sequel 2" marriage. This time, the "marriage rules with black and white couple" gradually upgraded to "pregnant", the trouble coming, repeated red marriage. The urban emotional comedy "twenty-second marriage rules 2" will be landing in November 28th, Liaoning satellite tv. Huang Shengyi challenges the "female Peacock" warm "private interaction 2" marriage is two degrees in collaboration with Huang Shengyi and Song Xiaobao, following the "1" marriage rules "black dwarf file" Zhang Duo (song Andy ornaments) the perfect counter attack, successfully marry white Formica Li Yuetong (Huang Shengyi ornaments), married couples with "black and white" happiness was "Waterloo", not only to "fry" enthusiastic parents "forced pregnancy, but also to cope with a career and the two sides scorched by the flames, far life values, so that the two friction, had dreams of a happy marriage xiaowoen frequently. Huang Shengyi’s challenge is proud of the "female Peacock", appearance and taste, rich family she but a full harvest due to all sorts of accidental mishaps subversive imagination of love, and usher in the cause charge at the same time, facing the "mother-in-law" "son" and a series of family problems, makes her tired, wandering in the crossing of life lost, "happiness is not easy to get real", the "goddess" choice really let netizen "broken heart". Two people open the screen before "quarrelsome lovers" mode, because of strong contrast image, character, contrast caused by "Adorable" funny and, privately, Song Xiaobao broke the news, Huang Shengyi is the goddess in my mind, at the beginning of filming particularly tense, play could not see her eyes, did not think Huang Shengyi was very warm heart, please he took the initiative to eat, chat, to narrow the distance between the two sides, finally found Huang Shengyi familiar with each other, treat the work of heart and serious, two people often exchange views in the set, to play a lot of extra points. Song Xiaobao starred in "black dwarf" jokes that he is a character in the "handsome" and "Cinderella" collocation has consumer surplus, "2" marriage "anti routine", "Phoenix man" and "female Peacock" couple tempt the appetite of the audience. Song Xiaobao in the embodiment of "moving inspirational book", to show the audience the "black dwarf" how to work hard, step by step to achieve their goals, and overcome the difficulties of life, the last feeling for marriage, become a winner in life". Song Xiaobao said, "because he came from a peasant family, had a hard bottom life, step by step, so there is a strong sense of identity on the part of Zhang Duo, show no barriers, can quickly into the hope and the audience to reflect the current situation to social and family life." The twenty-second marriage regulations by the thousands of film and television production, Huang Shengyi, starring Song Xiaobao, will be landing in, Liaoning satellite TV in November 28th. Let us look forward to "black and white couple" the collision of the new urban comedy "spark", the hair of a most alternative sugar bar. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: