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Jewelry-Diamonds The three stone rings are very popular these days. The buyers prefer them for their non traditional looks and appearance. The unique appearance that they boast of tends to add to their charm. A lot of people prefer that that they get to make the three stone emerald, sapphire and ruby rings, themselves. They tend to make it themselves from scratch. The main point is to try and make the rings even more special. Here is a look at the right way of building the three stone emerald, sapphire or ruby rings: * Like with a single stone ring, you have to choose the stones used in these three stone rings, in a careful manner. You have to pay attention to the size and color of each stone used in the ring. Since, all the stones are to be set together, it is important to check their color and symmetry with each other. In some cases, the three-stone rings tend to have a large centerpiece. However, in some cases the three stones used in the rings are of the same size. * You can go out in the market and try to get your hands on certain vintage stones. You need to check out every single chosen stone, personally. * After choosing the stones you will have to choose the metal setting. You have to choose intelligently, so that all the feelings behind making the rings are expressed properly. Mostly people tend to go for a vintage setting that can be restored for future use. On the other hand there are people who tend to buy vintage style rings. A number of websites tend to offer these rings. There are some online stores also that specialize in rings with specific styles and settings. * After deciding the stones and the settings, you have to make a decision regarding the placement of the stones. The easiest way to make a decision regarding the placement, you need to check out various photos of the rings. There are a number of images that offer you a look at different settings. This way you can easily decide on the placement as well as the color of the stones, before you go in for the final setting. * After you have done everything, you can order the three stone emerald, sapphire and ruby rings. By following the above mentioned tips, you can easily make some wonderful three stone emeralds, sapphire and ruby rings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: