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Ma’anshan granny retirement pay to spend all fruits and vegetables wallet stole the original title: old retirement pay to spend all fruits and vegetables wallet steal in July this year, Ma’anshan old Lee (a pseudonym) saw a fishmonger readily put money into the side of the plastic bags, on farms can not help but Shouyang, pretending to buy fish handy bag linzou, after counting the bag for nearly a million in cash. In November 10th, Mrs. Li was arrested by Ma’anshan police. According to her husband told police that the woman from the beginning of the last century in 80s, to steal the fruits and vegetables, now TouRen purse, has 30 years of history, is now seeing things to steal, do not steal it shouyang. Analysis of police psychological expert, granny with pathological steal. One day in July this year, the 64 year old lilaotai stroll along the streets, found the market a lot of people selling vegetables People are hurrying to and fro., just put money on the side of the plastic bag. Lilaotai soon selected a fish, because this person’s money bag is full. She pretended to buy fish, while fish in helped kill fish, picked up the money bag Touyebuhui to walk away quickly. Zoulehenyuan, lilaotai hid in a bush in the amount of inventory, found that nearly a million yuan in cash in the bag. The police received a fishmonger alarm, immediately launched video investigation work and visit, finally on the morning of November 10th, will be involved in lilaotai arrested. The face of police interrogation, she burst into tears, said he did not take the name of God in vain at what worked, but the police took the video, in the face of evidence, she had admitted his theft facts. According to the old Lee confessed that she in March this year, was stealing wallet treated by the police, but it still can not help but steal, as long as she wanted to see some things, hands itch, to steal the doings of ghosts and gods again and again. The police from his wife at lilaotai that Granny began pilfering their fruit and vegetables in 80s. Until March of this year, because of lilaotai TouRen purse being dealt with the police, his wife and son to know the seriousness of the matter, on the advice of the situation is not under the old man put a lilaotai under the living daylights out, but his wife still did not get rid of the bad habit. When the police asked his wife lilaotai home conditions are difficult, the old man shook his head: "we are both retired, retirement wages simply spend, although not rich, but at least fairly well-off family". Police: woman suffering from mental illness police psychological experts believe that this situation belongs to the pathologic lilaotai theft, although not part of mental problems, but belong to psychological disease. The police persuasion aunt’s husband do not use violence tube aunt, should find a psychiatrist counseling on it, his wife also said it would soon take care of aunt. (Editor: He Feifei)

马鞍山一老太退休工资花不完 水果蔬菜钱包样样偷   原标题:老太退休工资花不完水果蔬菜钱包样样偷   今年7月,马鞍山的李老太(化名)在菜场上见到一名鱼贩子随手将钱放进身边的塑料袋,不禁手痒,假装买鱼顺手将袋子拎走,经过清点袋子里有近万元现金。11月10日,李老太被马鞍山警方抓获。据她的老伴告诉警方,老太从上世纪80年代开始,偷水果蔬菜,到如今偷人钱包,已有30年的历史,现在是看到东西就想偷,不偷就手痒。警方的心理专家分析,老太已患有病理性偷窃。   今年7月一天,64岁的李老太上街闲逛,发现菜市场人来人往,很多卖菜的人就随手将钱款放在身边的塑料袋里。李老太很快选中了一个卖鱼的,因为这人的钱袋子里全是大钞。她佯装买鱼,,趁卖鱼的人在帮别人杀鱼时,拎起钱袋子头也不回地快速走开。走了很远,李老太躲进了一处草丛中清点了下金额,发现袋子里有近万元现金。   警方接到鱼贩子报警后,立即展开视频侦查和走访工作,最终在11月10日上午,将涉案的李老太抓获归案。面对警方讯问,老太痛哭流涕,不惜赌咒发誓称自己什么也没干过,但是警方拿出了视频录像,在证据面前,老太只得承认了自己的盗窃事实。据李老太交代,她在今年3月,曾因盗窃别人钱包被警方处理过,但这之后还是忍不住要去偷,只要看到一些她想得到的东西,手就发痒,鬼使神差地就偷了一次又一次。   警方从李老太的老伴处得知,老太在上世纪80年代就开始小偷小摸别人的蔬菜水果。直到今年3月,李老太因偷人钱包被警方处理了,老伴和儿子才知道事情的严重性,在劝导不成的情况下,老头子一气之下把李老太狠揍了一顿,却不料老伴还是没改掉这个恶习。当警方问到李老太老伴家里条件是否困难时,老头子直摇头:“我们俩都是退休的,退休工资根本花不完,虽说大富不算,但最起码还算小康之家吧”。   警方:老太患有心理疾病   警方的心理专家认为,李老太这种情况属于病理性偷窃,虽然不属于精神问题,但是属于心理疾病。民警劝导大妈的老伴切勿使用暴力管束大妈,应该找心理医生对其进行疏导工作,老伴也表示将尽快带大妈就医。(责任编辑:何菲菲)相关的主题文章: