Lu Huiming Ren nine Leipzig draw draw Inter can be trusted lformat

Lu Huiming Ren nine: Leipzig draw draw Inter can rely on the trust of Lu Huiming as the nine FireWire 20161023, Sunday, welcome to receive free recommendation of the Lu Huiming. Look at the results of yesterday, a little smile. Arsenal may be considered cold, Leverkusen may be considered Dortmund cold, but it is still relatively low as nine. 2 string 1 wrong yesterday. In fact the 4 single game high for radio 3 is not easy, but is unable to explain the state fair, winning. From the number selection to collocation, a lot of problems. So, Xiao Lu often harm. But do not look at the small land is recommended, you can buy a draw and the Arsenal winner, winning the lottery center can hook up? People are always used to leave the bad side to others. If you do not look at the small Lu recommended to be able to produce a number of lottery master, then do not look at it. Yesterday’s nine, if up to Arsenal single, in fact, no longer have to look at the 3. As for Arsenal’s 30 out of 1 this thing, is really iffy. From the scene to see, the first half team can score 2 goals, but life is not if, I choose 31, estimated 0. Today the nine 16 yuan single: 01  3 Chelsea (Manchester United away draw with Liverpool, continuous strong dialogue is not easy to 02  (13) the Leipzig handicap exaggeration, reinforcing 04  (0); Atlanta inter double match, the general state, let the ball but good 05  (13) at Chievo on the road is not so strong strength?) 06  0 (colloto so deep, can the Naples Bologna 10 (09 ); 10  3; Rome is feeling) (also want?) 13  David Villa 3 (Bo) 14  Real Madrid (not defense) of $16, made a recommendation to buy immediately. Since I recently went to the 2 on 1 do not buy today, save money, not rivalry. Please pay more attention to Lu Huiming’s WeChat public number luhuiming888.相关的主题文章: