Love 2 shuttle Millennium Wei Daxun exchange exchange of love

"Love 2" shuttle Millennium Wei Daxun exchange exchange love life Sina entertainment news November 16th Hunan satellite TV will broadcast through the love idol drama "love 2" shuttle millennium: the exchange of moonlight, day before the release of love and love exchange Promo poster. The ups and downs of the film, supplemented by the staggered time, creating a strong sense of dislocation. Poster is showing a more clear relationship between the characters, the story of the audience cited the development of the plot. In the exposure of the film, Wei Daxun played by Sun Qilong and the same problem faced by the commitment to the problem, but in a sense of instant exchange of the world to each other in the world, and so on. Not only the identity of the final exchange, as well as love. Two years apart from the space and time, there seems to be no association between the two people, this bizarre experience, can take them back to the life of the right of the 80? The poster and as the audience unriddling, two male lead placement, seems to imply that their success in exchange, the relationship between the characters, emotional relationship gradually clear. This wonderful journey through what will be the development trend? How do they choose between love and destiny? November 16th in Hunan satellite TV youth, love shuttle Millennium 2: Moonlight exchange for love secret. It is reported that in November 7th the "love shuttle Millennium 2:" Moonlight exchange will be held on conference and media will see the film in Beijing, then there will be a mysterious guests to help out. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: