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Business On February 5, over a hundred countries observed the tenth annual Safe Internet Day (SID), an initiative of the EU SafeBorders Project. This years theme Connect with Respect was intended as an effort to raise awareness and act as reminder about online rights and responsibilities. The idea .municated that precautions must be exercised as a joint effort of the user, the service provider and the government. When it .es to availing technology services, it can be very easy to forget that the price isnt always monetary, but far heavier, that of revealing oneself to the online world. Just as celebrities hire security for protection, so should the user take precautionary measures against online malice, such as cyber stalking and data theft. Moreover, social networking has contributed to the exposure, as people all over the world share private details unaware of consequences such as cyber stalking. User responsibility Mobile trends show how the average user makes use of mobile features for various purposes which require personal data. These include financial transactions, as in e-.merce, to social networking and entertainment apps such as online multiplayer games. Sharing activities through such exchange leads to exposure that can result in serious problems if the user does not take certain precautions. These include installing of security apps, locking ones device with a strong password, avoid sharing location and other details whenever possible, which can be sent out through default settings. Service provider responsibility Google Maps recently claimed the Crunchies award for best mobile app. Google also proved exemplary in observing best practices as online service providers. Googles Good to Know site is a public awareness guide to staying secure online. Key elements include correct usage of the internet and maintaining security tools, such as passwords as well as advice on family safety. Google understands that the consumer is priority for their success and has extended similar practices in all their services, which includes Android apps. App development in particular, has had privacy issues and it is well known that user data is accessed by mobile app developers. Government responsibility An agreement prior to app download is generally available for the user that provides information on what data will be accessed. However, since there are more .plexities involved than simply an agreement between user and app agreement, it has be.e imperative for the government to ensure the implementation is carried out by all platforms, in order to ensure user protection. A recent report published by the Federal Trade .mission on Mobile Privacy Disclosures Building Trust Through Transparency stressed on educating app developers. It identified a Do Not Track (DNT) mechanism that is the users right, and which all app developers must include in their apps. This would give users the choice whether or not they wish to disclose their location and other information, also applicable for advertisers. Re.mendations included for app developers to create an app privacy policy that should be distributed through the platforms app store and a just-in-time disclosure to gain users approval prior to distribution of any specific information related to them. Moreover, app developers and ad networks should improve their .munication and provide transparency of action and thereby gain users trust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: