Longjiang notified five complaints from Nehe, a director of illegal accepting property aquaria

Longjiang informed the five complaints Nehe director of accepting illegal property in Daoli District, Harbin City, a new town market stalls illegal set October 30, 2015, new town complaints Daoli District of an enterprise at the beginning of 2014 illegal set market stalls, affect the normal operation, destruction of landscape, pollute the surrounding environment. The provincial government complaint center investigation and verification, Daoli District government issued a new town government and relevant departments in violation of administrative region, administrative omission, chaos as other issues. First, the first batch is not approved to set up illegal market stalls. Made in tanou town government and office without obtaining the approval of the municipal government documents case before construction is approved, without the establishment of market stalls, illegal administration; Harbin City stalls in the market stalls do not meet the conditions, without the approval of the municipal government under the condition of new verbal consent the town government opened the market stalls, illegal administration. Two is in violation of the relevant provisions of the contract for the management of the market stalls. Daoli District of new town government to private contractors, entrust the management form by social organizations and personnel management market stalls, in violation of the relevant provisions of the administrative chaos as to be charged; do not perform a toll lane, Lane deposit and other administrative duties according to law, contracted to the private sector charge, causing loss of government revenue, suspected of dereliction of duty. Three is not to perform administrative duties, refused to implement the decision of the higher authorities. Daoli District government departments, not fully fulfill the duties of the management of the main responsibility for the new town government did not approve the fact that the first construction and other violations of the contract does not investigate and correct. Harbin City stalls to do two times the supervision rectification, clean up the ban, always to no avail, an administrative omission. At present, the new town mayor Wu Baoping has been filed for review and discipline, by the party warning; Daoli District Law Enforcement Bureau Director Sun Yongbo, chief market Wang Xibin subject to administrative warning; when the Harbin Municipal Urban Management Bureau Public Facilities Management Office Director Xue Daming, the new town Party Secretary Pan Hongfa, deputy Secretary of the New Street Committee, Mao Mianxiu has been when he was admonishing him; Daoli District Law Enforcement Bureau Ma Pengxiang, deputy director of the New Street Office Deputy Director Song Jinsheng, deputy mayor of the town of new Wu Hong, new armed forces minister Ma Hongbo, New Town Street office armed minister Gong Jianhong has been criticized; the New Street Committee, discipline Secretary Li Dongsong, new town Party committee Shi Yanchun, Yang Linyuan and Wang Shouye were criticized. Harbin municipal government has ordered the district government to check. Harbin Daoli District of new town Party Committee informed accountability. At present, the market has been cleared. Two, the Qigihar food and Drug Administration of Nehe former party secretary He Changhong He Changhong accepting illegal enterprise property during the director of Nehe Municipal Food and drug administration, the use of his office, the enterprise has four times to ask for and accept money. At present, He Changhong has received two years probation, administrative demotion. Three, Qitaihe city Boli County Employment Bureau responsible for pre service training of the Xing Feng Xing Feng, Boli dereliction of duty problems of county Employment Bureau responsible person during the pre service training, not strictly audit materials of an enterprise reporting, the 268 does not meet the conditions of the applicant through the audit, resulting in companies taking state funds 16.08 days相关的主题文章: