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Lippi swept the country foot administrative management mode on the Hong Kong officials appointed [information] to join Lippi himself took over the country foot proud salary by Hengda and FA shared Lippi authority can not challenge the Nanfang Daily News (reporter Zhu Xiaolong) as China’s coach Lippi’s work has begun. But the starting point of all his work, of course, is to set up a team of their own work. Nanfang Daily reporter 24, was informed that Hengda Taobao Club General Manager Kang Bing has resigned from his position in Hengda, will soon go to Beijing to enter the Chinese Football Association, as the national team vice president. Kang Bing will play an important role in the communication bridge between the Lippi team and China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua, which is also regarded as the Orangemen from Hengda club management mode, the formation of an important symbol of "coach football association president responsibility system under the leadership of the. Lippi comprehensive independent cabinet Lippi in the national football team coach, will follow those partners in the same time he is also effective Hengda cooperation over the years, including assistant coach Maddaloni, chief scout Peizuodi, goalkeeper coach Rampulla, fitness coach Gaudi and coach Cotti Nobel rehabilitation and medical consultant Castellazzi. This also means that Gao Hongbo left the Chinese teaching assistant team, including Fu Bo, who will also leave the national team coach coach. As a supplement to the Chinese coach, Hengda in the period of cooperation with Li Tie, will also enter the national coach team, continue to cooperate with the work of Lippi. When negotiating with the Chinese side to negotiate the contract, Lippi made the most important requirement is to get the full decentralization of the Chinese Football Association, do not want to be too much interference. This decentralization refers not only to the use of personnel, but also includes a series of powers, such as bonus allocation, training and warm-up plan, to clean up the previous national administrative model. In addition to the coaching team, Lippi also made a request on the Chinese team, Hengda general manager Kang Bing is the name of the person to be named by the people of the. It is understood that when the national football team leader will be China full-time Football Association executive committee Yu Hongchen served, and served as deputy leader Kang ice, will become a bridge of communication between the top teams and the Football Association Lippi Chinese. Prior to the national team leader Guo Bingyan will return to the Department of state, responsible for other national team related work. In the translation candidates, Lippi also specifically asked for him earlier in Hengda translation work and Hong Kong Club now has a part to play the role of the management function of Weng Shudang continues to work with him, to ensure that the team can succeed in Hengda all continue. For a long time, the national team coach has been faced with the lack of autonomy in the selection and appointment of personnel, lack of independent command of the training competition embarrassing situation. Perhaps Lippi’s entry, is expected to change this reality. At this point, the Chinese Football Association is also a lot of determination, decided to fully cooperate with the work of the Lippi team. Lippi hopes to be able to obtain absolute autonomy within the team, and this model is consistent with the implementation of the management of Lippi Hengda coach leadership responsibility system under the leadership of the model. The core content of this model has two points, one is the chairman of the Hengda club, as well as its own Hengda Group, including the board of directors, the executive team are not involved in the club’s technical and tactical management, non-interference.相关的主题文章: