Lippi in charge of the country’s 6 questions he will be the chief designer of Chinese

Lippi in charge of the country’s 6 questions: he will be the chief designer of Chinese football? Data figure, won the World Cup football Chinese Lippi will be the Savior? Beijing Beijing, October 23, (reporter Wang Muqing Lippi) official in charge of the country, is the "open secret That’s final". However, the Football Association on a weekend evening time officially announced, many revealed impatient and eager to lose in the first line: handsome, Kunming battle is approaching, the army can not be a day without handsome, China Football Association finally catch up with few years of world famous. The "silver fox" Lippi will be how to save the crumbling Chinese men? This is a big topic. If carefully, six questions which should face. 1, if the club participated in the national football Xuanshuai is not acceptable? The weekend afternoon, "photos brush silver fox" Lippi and Chinese FA chairman Cai Zhenhua intimate handshake over China football. At the same time, also has a photographer to record a few interesting photos, including Evergrande chairman Xu Jiayin appeared in "Cai Li handshake picture" in the background, and some Hengda executives and Lippi talking the moment. Another message is displayed, Lippi in charge of the country full 20 million euros annual salary of 4 million 500 thousand euros, which belongs to the national football coach salary, the remaining 15 million 500 thousand euros from the Hengda foot school counselor title. Hengda as former manager, Lippi and the old club is. But the football association in Guangzhou and new signing, rather than Beijing, really surprising. More importantly, our football Xuanshuai so big, whether the club directly involved, and even bear the costs and benefits? If so, the chain reaction There’s no telling. Joripi took office after the Orangemen bottoming out, everything will be forgotten; but if the results are poor, which is wrong may be a handle. Similarly, if the assumption is true, when the club interests and the national team needs to conflict, Lippi how to prove that he is a national team interests? In the future, as long as there is a link between the national team and Hengda, I am afraid that people will be tested with a magnifying glass. But again, success is the hard truth, Lippi led all can be successful, not to mention. Lippi has worked with the Guangzhou Hengda created AFC Champions League champion story. Source: Osports sports news agency 2, the remaining 6 games in the top 12, should set up what kind of goal? Since Lippi took office, the Super League is only the last three rounds, from the November 15th 12 game home Qatar only played for 3 weeks. In the first 4 games 1 flat 3 negative points at the bottom of the reality, the football association will give Lippi what are the milestones? Group promotion, asked Lippi to win 6 games after at least 12-14 points? I’m afraid it’s not realistic. Its fantasy to create a miracle, it is better to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the 12 game, Lippi to learn how to deal with the game’s technical and tactical arrangements, including the psychological adjustment of the national team construction of advanced methods. For Lippi, if we can in practice after the national team first half, hit 1-2 beautiful battle in the World Cup next year, or even win 1-2 game, it should be over to complete the task. But if the results are equally poor, the football association will be how to treat it? Lack of talented China football needs "silver fox" Lippi huiyanshizhu. China News Agency reporter Yin Haiming相关的主题文章: