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Li Zhongqing: with the "baby boom", supporting measures can not lag Sohu comments the lunar new year, many Chinese believe that children born in this year to discuss the "smart confident and happy" good luck. At the same time, the adjustment of fertility policy, the full liberalization of the two child lunar calendar monkey year is expected to usher in a wave of birth peak. Some market participants predict that higher birth rates will increase sales of baby products including milk powder, diapers and skin care products, and companies will benefit from the baby boom. (February 11th "Beijing morning news") family planning policy appeared significant change, with the opening and landing of the two child policy, heralded a new baby boom is coming, some experts predict that this year "," sharp falls, the arrival of new life will undoubtedly bring joy, hope to millions of families. China is a country with a large population, the reform and implementation of family planning policy concerning the overall situation, the so-called rangingand is the truth, the second release, reflecting the high degree of self-confidence Chinese government, because we have the ability to control the situation, with the ability to foster a good education of the younger generation, only take time for people. Will the national response to the call, this is not only for the country, but also for small personal home. One question has to be raised. Once the "baby boom" appears, are the corresponding measures ready? Because we’ve been sticking to a couple of children for years, the problems that come up with them, such as whether there’s enough maternity ward in the hospital? Pediatricians complete? Baby products production and sales can not be in place? In the next step, according to the current number of kindergartens and primary schools, can we accept the surging children in the future? If you don’t come up with the plan, I will be taken by surprise, the so-called fight no battle unprepared, therefore, the relevant government departments must accurately grasp the relevant information, not to be let down, not blind self-confidence, because once the baby boom that no danger of anything going wrong, and supporting measures to keep up, work will be very passive and triggered discontent. "Baby boom" is actually a signal of business opportunities, and hope that the government departments and many businesses can intervene in advance, effective response, to provide high quality and low price baby supplies, so that is the social honor, the people’s luck. Manuscript source: Jingchu net Author: Li Zhongqing

李忠卿:应对“婴儿潮”,配套措施不可滞后-搜狐评论  农历猴年,不少中国人都相信,在这一年出生的孩子能讨到“聪明机智自信快乐”的好彩头。同时,生育政策的调整,全面放开二孩的农历猴年有望迎来一波生育高峰。有市场人士预测,更高的出生率或将令包括奶粉、尿布和护肤品在内的婴儿用品销售额大幅增加,相关企业会从“婴儿潮”中获益。(2月11日《北京晨报》)   计划生育国策出现重大变革,随着二孩政策的放开与落地,预示着新的生育高峰即将来临,有专家预测,今年的“猴娃”会大幅降临,新生命的到来无疑给无数个家庭带来欢乐、带来希望。   我国是一个人口大国,计划生育政策的改革与执行,事关全局,所谓牵一发而动全身,就是这个道理,二胎的放开,体现了中国政府的高度自信,因为我们有能力把控好局势,有能力培养教育好下一代,只有从容应对,国民才会响应国家号召,这不仅是为了国家,更是为了个人的小家。   有一个问题不得不提出来,一旦“婴儿潮”出现,与之相应的配套措施准备好了吗?因为我们数年坚守一对夫妇只要一个孩子,与之对应的问题会接二连三出现,比如医院有无足够的产妇病房?儿科医生配齐了没有?婴儿用品的生产与销售能不能到位?再往后一步说,按照目前的幼儿园与小学数量,今后能不能接纳汹涌而来的孩子?   如果不拿出应对的方案,到时就会措手不及,所谓不打无准备之仗,因此,当下相关政府主管部门必须准确把握相关信息,不可掉以轻心,更不能盲目自信,认为万无一失,因为一旦生育高峰出现,配套措施跟不上,工作就会很被动而引发民怨。   “婴儿潮”其实也是商机来临的信号,但愿政府相关部门与众多商家能提前介入,有效应对,提供优质优价的婴儿用品,如此才是社会之幸、百姓之幸。   稿源:荆楚网   作者:李忠卿相关的主题文章: