Li Yifeng airborne tribal interest hand piece transnational anti routine sister

Li Yifeng airborne tribal interest Satin hand up against Transnational Tencent sister routine entertainment news by Li Yifeng "tease" is what kind of experience? The sparrow, starring by Li Yifeng, is being hit by Tencent video and Hunan TV. It’s really exciting to breathe when you see the interaction between the peak and the peak! In September 14th, Li Yifeng again held interest in the QQ tribes, tribal and many sisters QQ group by the super male god gave up a! The airborne, 6 million 820 thousand people at the same time online interaction, 110 million points like the heart, there are 404 thousand QQ group synchronous live broadcast! These data also refresh the record of star airborne tribes! The super popularity of male gods really is not covered, there are about 2000000 people booking before the airborne! Li Yifeng is not on the front line, the bees like the appointment with Shuabing "shouting" the name of Li Yifeng! When we heard Li Yifeng’s voice, everyone was so upset that it was too crisp! At the moment, Li Yifeng, who is attending the New York fashion week in the United States, is busy with the bees while ignoring the time difference and busy work! In a question and answer session when asked by the host as "sparrow" is the dream, as Genzheng Miao red five said at his youth play a very cool. While the yen value with IQ which is important on this issue, he did not forget the bees and interactive online, this technique called invincible Ah Mei liao! There are many girls chasing play good "asked" deep Liao sister skills and peak than who is superior, "God" is of course I respond without thinking"! That’s the confidence! All right, this is Li Yifeng! But the director also did not forget the belt, causing the bees for collective tease! Did not expect the peak release of strokes, a PO out of the self, the bees do not light up! Do you think there are countless ways to be up here in Li Yifeng, just a look, can let the person lost can’t sleep sleep! It is her sister circles carry handle! When someone asked: for the first time appeared in the agent type of role, the hard part is what time, peak actually answer a so many many sisters daydream answers: How Wall and wall – Dong dong. But when asked to teach and demonstrate, pretending to not hear, no one else. Another problem after the fall, and first Century puzzle: Feng Feng, brothers, bees and countries which is more important? The peak of the counter pattern should be answered: except the peak is important! Nevertheless, in the minds of bees, of course, the peak is the most important! In the face of the 14 million 680 thousand Li Yifeng tribe fans, Feng Feng affectionately said, "thank you all the time has never left.""! Because there was other work on the day, the interaction ended quickly! But don’t be disappointed when you don’t catch up with him, because Feng Feng said, "he will come to see you in the tribe."! So remember to pay close attention to the QQ tribe, and the tribe is in close contact with its own love beans! (Tencent entertainment)

李易峰空降兴趣部落 段子手跨国撩妹反套路  腾讯娱乐讯 被李易峰“撩”是一种什么体验?由李易峰主演的《麻雀》正在腾讯视频和湖南卫视热播,边看剧边与峰峰互动的感觉真的是兴奋到不能呼吸!9月14日,李易峰再次空降QQ兴趣部落,部落和QQ群的迷妹们被这位超级男神狠狠地撩了一把!此次空降,682万人同时在线互动,1.1亿次点赞送心,还有40.4万个QQ群同步直播!这些数据也刷新了明星空降部落的多个纪录!  男神的超高人气果然不是盖的,空降前就有200多万人预约!李易峰还没上线前,蜜蜂们像是约定好,一起刷屏“呼喊”着李易峰的名字! 当听到李易峰的语音时,大家都激动坏了~真是酥得不行啊!而此时正在美国参加纽约时装周的李易峰,不顾时差和工作忙碌,正一边化妆一边跟蜜蜂们互动,为这样的暖心偶像点赞!  在问答环节时,被主持人问及出演《麻雀》是否圆梦,作为根正苗红的五好青年表示看自己演得很爽。而在颜值跟智商哪个重要这个问题上,他还不忘与在线的蜜蜂们互动,这撩妹技术堪称无敌啊!有追剧的迷妹“好事”地问到“深深的撩妹技能和峰峰的相比谁更胜一筹”,男神不假思索地回应”当然是我“!就是这么的自信!很好,这很李易峰!而主持人也不忘使坏,引发蜜蜂们集体求撩!没想到峰峰放出大招,po出自拍一张,撩得蜜蜂们不要不要的!你以为被撩的方式有无数种,在李易峰这里只需要一个眼神,就可以让人迷得睡不着觉了!不愧是撩妹界的扛把子!  当有网友问到:首次出演特工类的角色,最难得部分是什么的时候,峰峰竟答了一个让无数迷妹们遐想连篇的答案:如何壁咚和反壁咚。却在被要求教学示范的时候,假装听不见的样子,也是没谁了呢。另有继落水问题之后,又一世纪难题:峰峰,兄弟、蜜蜂们还有国家哪个更重要?反套路的峰峰竟然回答:除了峰峰都重要!尽管如此,在蜜蜂们的心中,当然还是峰峰最重要!在面对1468万李易峰部落粉丝时,峰峰深情地说到“感谢你们一直都在 从未离开”!  因为当天还有其他工作,互动在不舍中很快就结束了!不过,没赶上的小伙伴们不要失望,因为峰峰说了“他会常来部落看你们的”哟!  所以要记得关注QQ兴趣部落,来部落跟自己的爱豆近距离接触!(腾讯娱乐)相关的主题文章: