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Li Ke strong push "five card one" landing tomorrow (map) original title: gift! The prime minister is pushing the "five card one" tomorrow landing, new enterprises as long as 2 days! (3 minutes): did you hear about it? B: what’s the matter? A: the netizen articles on the Internet, said to go to "three in one" encountered a lot of trouble, the article was written by the prime minister! B: ah, I have a brother just started, said three days to register the enterprise! This speed has caught up with Boulter, there is room for improvement? A: that is. "Three in one", the enterprise shall not change according to the old. This user to change photos, government service hall, national tax, land tax, ran a few times, wrote a letter. The prime minister knew that, immediately required to further simplify procedures, the real burden for the enterprise. He stressed that the matter should be paid close attention to do, and later, the eight departments together to solve this kind of thing. B: really! Our company license expires soon, these two days are going to change! A: you change it’s "five card one". In July 5th, the State Council issued "on accelerating the" five one, according to a code for the reform of the registration system notice ", October 1st full implementation. B: last year eleven "three in one", this year the "five card one" and for what? A: This is the government to further support the public entrepreneurship, innovation, reduce the cost of enterprise system. A: at this time, business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, which has been the integration of three, and the integration of the social insurance registration certificate and registration certificate of statistics. A: the new "five one" processing mode, take a form of application, a window of acceptance, parallel approval, a certificate "process: witness only need to carry a" new business cards in one registration form "and other information to permit more than one hall window to go through the formalities, after the window will be error free data into the business access system, business registration number generation. At the same time, the material will be passed to the quality inspection, tax, land tax, social security, statistics five departments, respectively, after the completion of the background information entry, will be printed with a license number of business license. B: ah, no wonder, this is called the five sector linkage, almost like a gust of wind! A: not only this. Social insurance registration certificate and statistical registration certificate on a regular basis for verification and replacement also canceled, after the ah, will be included in the annual report of the content of the enterprise, the annual report submitted by the enterprise and to the public. B: This is going to go down, we have to save how many things, ah, the most worried about running this newspaper material. A: Yes, all certificates for free of charge, the costs are paid for by the budget. B: really good, well, we do business, the money bag is able to save a point! Well, to my brother, do "three in one", also need to apply for "five one"? A: I don’t need it! Have completed the "three certificates" by the registration authority the relevant registration information sent to the social insurance agency, statistics institutions and other units. Also, for the enterprise to hold the original license for the filing and approval, does not require companies to go through the formalities for alteration. B: that is very thoughtful, to change this one new tomorrow as five!相关的主题文章: