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Outsourcing Legal process outsourcing has been one of the recent developments in the law field. Legal outsourcing has been an attractive subject for most of the legal service providers keeping in mind the real cost benefits brought about by it. Some of the service forming a major part of legal outsourcing to India include trade mark services, patent support services, litigation support, legal research, due diligence support and document review. It should be noted that the list is not an exhaustive one and depends upon the expertise of the LPO units. Some of the major issues going against legal process outsourcing to India include the breach of confidentiality of the clients. The experts different upon their views on legal outsourcing services, some believe it to be very beneficial for the long term benefit of the firm while some are of the opinion that it would heavily .e down upon the employment generation of the home country. .petition and cost effectiveness are the two major factors why Indian law firms have gained a lot of popularity in countries like United States and United Kingdom. Legal firms can benefit from the legal outsourcing process in two models. According to the first model the firm will be acting as a middleman with the simple task of introducing clients to LPO India . Thus, doing this it will not only create a co ordeal relationship but would also have potential profitable ventures in future from the clients. It should be noted that in the first model the firms role would strictly be restricted to a middleman and it would not be receiving any direct payments from either of the parties. In the second model the firm would be actively involved in managing the relationship and workflow between respective clients and LPO India while receiving fee in return of such services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: