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Learn to choose what wine is Wine Wine geeks geeks (Wine Geek)? What is the difference between Wine geeks and Wine experts? Wine geek is alcoholic beverages on the formation of Grape Juice fermentation with unusual interest of people. Wine geeks love not only drinking Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir) Wine, but not limited to the top flagship wine drinking. A real geek of the Wine looking for a variety of different Wine with great interest, whether it is cost-effective Wine or from the unique areas of Wine. If we have a Wine geek is a very happy thing, because they are very happy to introduce a variety of new friends Wine. In order to understand the taste of a wine, please pay attention to the following characteristics of wine. In the wine references, you usually find the following characteristics: 1, wine producing areas are the most important indicator of wine flavor and type. Each country has its own tradition of wine making, and the style of the wine produced has its own characteristics. 2, grape grape maturity to what extent to pick grapes? Every year, the climate affects the harvest of all kinds of crops, whether it’s wheat or grapes. Sugar is the most important index for judging Wine geeks, ripe grapes for example, (Napa Valley) for Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon), 25 degrees Brix is very suitable to maturity, while the 19 is not mature enough. 3, if you want the oak taste Wine with vanilla and clove flavor, so please choose a barrels of Wine. After only 6 months in oak barrels. The Wine vanilla is not obvious. 4, Wine Wine acidity can be judged by the acidity Wine aging potential, and the Wine taste soft degree can be judged Wine acidity. Low acidity Chardonnay (Chardonnay) high acidity Chardonnay taste more smooth and soft. 5, lactic acid fermentation wine lactic acid fermentation can make wine taste more supple, lactic acid fermentation is a kind of special after alcohol fermentation process, can change the acidity of wine. After the lactic acid fermentation of Chardonnay Wine very easy entrance, when the taste in your mouth will appear cream flavor. 6, Wine residual sugar in Wine, residual sugar is not common, because wine from technology can control the content of residual sugar. Residual sugar can increase the taste of wine, wine and weight. Compared to the cook, the residual sugar is the winemaker seasoning.相关的主题文章: