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Last year the commission handling 16 thousand reported Xinhua news agency, Beijing sound guide voting mechanism on 11 February, (reporter Xu Sheng, Zhao Xiaohui) reporter learned from the Chinese Commission before the Commission in 2015 16 thousand annual disposal report, through the 12386 hotline to deal with all kinds of investors demand of nearly 100 thousand. Last year, the Commission’s implementation of the "fair around" special activities throughout the country opened 12386 hotline direct dial hotline docking pilot; complaint and mediation; perfect "one-stop" complaint handling coordination mechanism, establish a complaint review screening and return mechanism etc.. With the strengthening of investor rights protection, the Commission also improve the diversified dispute resolution mechanism, play the trade associations, local mediation organizations dispute mediation function, a year to complete dispute mediation 1900, the settlement of disputes involving the amount of more than 100 million yuan. In addition, the SFC guides listed companies to constantly improve voting mechanism. Last year, the number of shareholders of listed companies using the network voting 2759, a total of 7973 times, an increase of 25%, 57%; cumulative voting has 1860, a total of 1947 times, an increase of 49%, 36%. Cancel the voting rights shareholding limit of 1082 companies, an increase of 200%. CSRC is also leading small and medium investors to participate in the voting. A year, the implementation of small and medium investors separate votes of listed companies 2324, a total of 9413 times, respectively, an increase of 40%, 182%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

证监会去年处置1.6万件举报 引导健全投票机制   新华社北京2月11日电(记者许晟、赵晓辉)记者日前从中国证监会获悉,证监会2015年全年处置1.6万件举报,通过12386热线处理各类投资者诉求近10万件。   去年一年,证监会实施的“公平在身边”专项活动贯穿始终,开通了12386热线全国直拨;试点开展热线投诉与调解对接;完善“一站式”投诉处理协作机制,建立投诉复核筛查和回访机制等等。   随着投资者权益保护力度的加强,证监会还完善多元化纠纷解决机制,发挥行业协会、地方调解组织纠纷调解功能,一年间完成纠纷调解1900起,解决争议涉及金额超过1亿元。   此外,证监会引导上市公司不断健全投票机制。去年一年,上市公司股东大会采用网络投票的有2759家,共7973次,同比增加25%、57%;实施累积投票的有1860家,共1947次,同比增加49%、36%。取消征集投票权持股比例限制的公司1082家,同比增加200%。   证监会也在不断引导中小投资者参与表决。一年间,实施中小投资者单独计票的上市公司2324家,共9413次,分别同比增加40%、182%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: