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Lang Ping rest first and then consider whether to stay   huireqi time writing papers – Sports – team boarded the Olympic podium, Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping successfully completed the task of the Rio Olympic cycle. The new Olympic cycle, she will choose to stay? Yesterday was asked about this, "said the" iron hammer "no time to think about the rest for a while, say". In 2013, when the two Chinese women’s volleyball coach, Lang Ping put forward the goal of Rio Olympic medal. Later, the team in her training progress obviously, quickly bottomed out last year, to regain the world cup champion. The Rio, Lang Ping has led the women’s volleyball team Chinese even g rival win, she became the first person in the history of volleyball athletes and coach all won the gold medal in the Olympics "". Lang Ping and Chinese Association contract to the end of September this year end, her fate is most concerned about the fans. Yesterday, the interview Chinese Olympic delegation concluded the general assembly of the opportunity, the reporter asked Lang Ping "will continue to teach, but she did not respond positively," before the focus of the work is to prepare for the Olympic Games, now the game has just finished, I want to rest for a period of time." Lang Ping said that his future will be in the long term, "I think don’t rush to make decisions. 4 years a cycle, I hope the athletes have to rest, adjust." Tomorrow, the Chinese Olympic elite delegation of 64 people will start from Beijing, has visited Hongkong and Macao, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is also listed. In this trip, Lang Ping said with a smile to bring players to relax, "every time I go to Hongkong and Macao game, feeling very good. This time there is no competition, there should be a different experience." Chinese women’s volleyball team captain Hui Ruoqi said that after the Olympic Games, they will devote themselves to learning, efforts to polish graduate thesis. "In fact, before I came with the instructor to Rio discussed topic currently tend to write the National Women’s Volleyball League status. Our league players are few, the reserve echelon is relatively scarce, these are the need to reflect on." (: static, commissioning editor Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: