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Kuchar’s most tragic a hole in Stenson "harm" was not the car –   sports Sohu; Beijing October 30th, HSBC Championship third, American golfer Matt Kuchar in 17 holes hit a hole, but due to the third days of competition will tee forward, the distance is shortened to 17 holes 193 yards, so not because Kuchar hit a hole to win a pole of the hole hole Award — a car. Because the hole provides only 200 yards away from the hole, the player hit a hole in order to drive away the car. Therefore, the caddie John Wood Kuchar had joked: "don’t worry today hit a hole, we can not get the car." However, "" out "which know he shot a hole." Wood said afterwards. Timing is everything, no matter what the situation is not easy to play a hole, especially in the WGC such events, this is probably the most tragic I played a hole. Most of the time, people hit a hole will be overjoyed, especially this time, a beautiful Cadillac stopped on the tee." Kuchar recalled the a hole or "xinyoubugan". "I was on the edge of the car seems to notice, says something about the third and fourth round of matters, at that time I think this car is ready for a hole into the weekend, the first two rounds of the estimation of a rod into the hole is not ready to prize, then my Caddy remind me. I feel the Cadillac on my side, but it does not belong to me." In fact, most love Kuchar car is now stopped at his home in Georgia, the pioneer of 1972 has just been repaired. Now hit a hole after the recall ratio of how to think of his 9 year old son Cameron to answer questions, especially the love of golf Cameron asked him a lot about golf, one of which is whether Kuchar played over a hole, so also won a car. The Kuchar hit a hole with the British Open champion Henry G – Stenson group, Stenson felt the need for library check is not responsible for the car, because he had to race organizers put forward due to the tee condition is not good, to put forward the tee. "This is what he owes me." Kuchar said. The hole is hit ninth Kuchar hole in one, but he is not the most memorable one, in his opinion the most unforgettable a hole in one year the American masters, when his grandfather served as his caddie. Such a family moment does not need any car as a prize. (peach)相关的主题文章: