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Korean TV: "W" the end of World War II opened new Stamina "W- two" end of world insurance program "Monster" in the perfect ending drama broadcasting "shopping king Louis" launch new drama "the road to the airport" Sina entertainment news this week MBC drama "W- two world" to the second grades on their ratings the end, timely termination of the ratings fell again, eventually the play both in the story or the ratings are considered a happy ending; because of the same schedule "W- two" world "and" the end of any attachment, SBS "Avatar" envy this week without the competition a record, its highest ratings since its launch in 10.1%, but next week with "on the road to the airport" and "shopping king Louis", a new round of drama ratings competition will again Open. This week ushered in the finale and MBC drama on fire "the monster", in the play with KBS "cloud painted Moonlight" and SBS "Emily" startling step by step in the competition, has been around 10% ratings remain ranked second in the same schedule level, this week with a score of 10.4% in a week on the list occupy a seat, the perfect ending. "W- two" end of world insurance timely ratings from "God drama" to "unfinished", often only a set distance, fortunately, "W- two" in the world from the upheaval in the unfinished God stopped the car to the end, to protect this drama. After the first set of "W- two" world broadcast, media and friends for the play is given high evaluation in douban.com score was as high as 9.2, about "God like writers" and "brain hole wide open plot", "2016 see the drama" and so on the comments of praise in the network by heat transfer, but from the 11 set after the show began to fall into a chaotic world, between the comic world and the real world has become the protagonist from the back and forth a hand, feels like from the screenwriter, full filled with "willful" two words, but early foundation is good, plus the play only 16 episodes, so the play or to more than 10% of the ratings firmly occupy drama champion, but the show’s apparent lack of stamina can reflect from the ratings, from the beginning of the 12 episode of the Television ratings dropped to 11%, the final set only 9.3% ratings, watercress were also has only 8.6 points, people can not help but sigh in a short period of one month to the time, even with such changes. Fortunately, the play after the 16 set of predetermined set number of broadcast finished, no longer broadcast greed plan, finally this drama is saved "old age", in order to warm the ending ending of the characters. In the drama schedule, due to "KBS" last week after the end of any attachment, this week launched after work, coupled with the "MBC W- two" world this week also play a set only, so SBS "Avatar" envy this week hit its highest ratings since its launch in 10.1%. For the first time exceeded 10 mark. "The embodiment of jealousy" in order to tell the story of the ordinary side of the story, in a comedy way with another unique相关的主题文章: