Korean media China’s largest number of students in South Korea accounted for the total number of 60%-brock lesnar

Korean media: China students have the largest number of new network [occupy the total number of 60%- in Korea Global Times reported Yonhap] 18 reported that the number of foreign students in Korea this year for the first time exceeded 100 thousand mark, "the Asian economy" said in 104 thousand and 200 students, students of course for 63 thousand and 100 people. Among them, the largest proportion of Chinese students, about 39 thousand people (61.7%). Students in the rest of the country were 3466 Vietnamese (5.5%), Mongolia, China (3.6%), the United States, 1591 (2.5%), Japan, 1568 (2.5%). Since 2011, the number of foreign students studying in South Korea began to rebound, increasing trend. South Korea itself is also a big exporter of foreign students. Korea Niuxi Si news agency quoted the 18 UNESCO data reported that the South Korean population ranked twenty-eighth in the world (49 million), is the world’s fourth largest exporter of students, behind only Chinese, India, germany. (Ceng Xin)相关的主题文章: