Kim Keming 10.9 weeks on Monday crude asphalt Market Analysis and trend of the late release of-kaya scodelario

Kim Keming: 10.9 weeks on Monday crude asphalt Market Analysis and trend of the late release of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This market will never lack opportunities, every day is a new beginning, today you may not trade, but tomorrow will be a new start, a new starting point! Direction is wrong, stop is progress! Let it in the past, the future together we welcome it! Remember, don’t carry the list every time you enter to retreat, do risk investment of our teacher is to pay attention to the risk control, we can control this well, naturally there will be profit! Do not say, a quilt investors can private chat with me, I will try my best to help you out of trouble. Technical analysis: wechip juji169 crude oil, after the non farm payrolls volatility is not large, the overall price is still high in the ready state, although short-term Chonggao after correction, but the daily and weekly rally has not been changed, the hourly chart and 4 hours chart there correction trend, but no strength. Evening non farm data, although favorable, but in such a favorable situation, but did not bring much boost to oil prices, but has been in the range of shock, the high point within a few days failed to break through. On the whole, I think the crude oil next week is still valid, low priority. October 10th (Monday) crude oil trading strategy: step back to $49 in the vicinity, target to near $50.5, stop $0.3 proposal for reference only, specific to my firm mainly silver technical analysis; silver daily chart yesterday, continue to receive a positive column, ending four Lianyin, but still closed below the 5 day moving average. The K line running on brin below the Bollinger Bands continue downward, the short-term average downward divergence, is suppressed by the 5 day moving average, MACD indicators Sicha down, green kinetic column volume, stochastic KDJ Guaitou Sicha down to the four hour chart, currently running on the lower rail cloth Lin K, above the average repressive short term, suppressed by the 5 day moving average, the average is still downward, but the picture index MACD MACD, red column kinetic energy at the beginning of volume, stochastic KDJ three line Guaitou run, the formation of MACD signs, comprehensive view, next Monday silver advice still rebound short based, supplemented by more low. October 10th (Monday) silver trading strategy: back to step 17.65 near empty, stop 17.8, target 17-16.5 line advice, specific to my firm based wechip juji169 here from the bottom of my heart to remind investors of friends, if you want to escape the situation often quilt, you just take your shot over the remaining positions, I will help you. I not only, but with many years of experience and professional technical advice to me over and never let friends down, help a lot of friends have continued the results of many different kinds of quilt, which many of my friends know. Maybe some friends think I’m talking about it

金轲明:10.9周评原油沥青周一行情分析及后期走势附解套 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   这个市场永远不缺机会,每一天都是新的开始,今天也许你交易不顺,但是,明天又将是新的开始,新的起点!方向错了停止就是进步!过去的就让它过去,未来的我们一起欢迎它到来!永远记住,不要去扛单子,每一次的进场你都要想好退路,做风险投资我们老师注重的是风控,我们把风控这方面做好了,盈利自然也就会有!多的不说了,有被套的投资者都可以私聊我,我会尽我所能帮你解套。   原油技术分析:威芯juji169   原油方面,非农数据公布后波动不是很大,价格整体仍在高位蓄势的态势中,虽然冲高之后出现了短期的修正,但是日线和周线的涨势也没有被改变,小时图和4小时图目前出现了修正的态势,但是没有力度。晚间非农数据虽然利多,但是在如此利好的情况下,却并没有给油价带来多大提振,反而一直在区间震荡,连日内高点都未能突破。综合来看笔者认为下周原油多头仍然有效,建议低多为主。   10月10日(下周一)原油交易策略:   回踩49美元附近做多,目标看向50.5美元附近,止损0.3美元   建议仅供参考,具体以本人实盘为主   白银技术分析;   白银日线图上,昨日继续收取阳柱,结束四连阴,但收盘仍于5日均线下方。目前K线运行于布林中下方,布林带继续向下,短期内均线向下发散,上方受5日均线压制,指标MACD死叉下行,绿色动能柱放量,随机指标KDJ拐头向,死叉下行,四小时图来看,目前K线运行于布林中下轨,上方均线压制重重,短期受5日均线压制,各均线依旧向下发散,但副图指标MACD成金叉,红色动能柱开始放量,随机指标KDJ三线拐头向上运行,有形成金叉的迹象,综合来看,下周一白银建议依然反弹做空为主,低多为辅。   10月10日(下周一)白银交易策略:   回踩17.65附近空,止损17.8,目标看17-16.5一线   建议仅供参考,具体以本人实盘为主威芯juji169   在这里我发自内心的提醒投资朋友,如果想要解脱经常被套的境遇,你只需带上你的持仓截图过来,剩下的我会帮你处理。我虽不才,但凭着多年的经验与专业的技术从未让过来向我咨询的朋友失望过,帮助很多的朋友陆陆续续的结果不少各种各样的被套,这很多朋友都知道。可能有些朋友觉得我在说大话,但不管你信不信,你现在被套被亏损总是事实,所以不妨过来与我沟通交流,指不定我就是你要找的那个人威芯juji169。   撰稿人金轲明-请勿抄袭 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: