Kim Jeong-eun or sister will become the first sanction object of the United

Sister Jin Zhengen or the first object of sanctions gold into the United Nations and the positive (map) original title: Korean media said Jin Zhengen sister or will become the target of UN sanctions but lack of evidence [global network reporter Wei Yue] according to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on April 2 16, North Korea’s supreme leader Jin Zhengen and Kim’s sister it is likely to become the first United Nations sanctions. South Korean government officials said 15 days, it is understood that the Deputy Minister of Labor Party propaganda Kim and is accused of misappropriation of North Korea’s nuclear missile funds, that is, Kim and is participating in the United Nations ban on the proliferation of nuclear missiles in North korea. Kim and positive from October last year for three months has not appeared in public, and appeared at the end of the Fourth North Korean nuclear test. In addition, on the day of the long-range rocket launch in February 7th, she watched the launch situation with Kim Jeong-eun. This can be seen as the fact that it was actually involved in nuclear missile development and launching. In addition, South Korean Foreign Ministry officials say it is hard to identify them as sanctions. Therefore, governments will also provide the United Nations with specific information about financial transactions, such as real name of sanctions. Until 15, the South Korean government has yet to come up with valuable information. In the current situation where specific evidence is needed, it is pointed out that there are limitations in the UN sanctions scheme. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

金正恩妹妹或将成联合国首个制裁对象 金与正(资料图)   原标题:韩媒称金正恩妹妹或将成联合国制裁对象 但缺证据   【环球网报道 记者 魏悦】据韩国《中央日报》2月16日报道,朝鲜最高领导人金正恩的妹妹金与正有可能成为联合国首个制裁对象。   韩国政府官员15日称,据了解,劳动党宣传部副部长金与正被指控挪用朝鲜的核导弹资金,也就是说,金与正参与了联合国禁止的朝鲜核导弹扩散行为。   金与正自去年10月底有三个月未曾在公开场合露面,而在朝鲜第四次核试验结束后现身。此外,2月7日远程火箭发射当天,她与金正恩一起观看了发射状况。这可以看成是其实际参与了核导弹开发以及发射的行为。   此外,韩国外交部官员称,只靠推测很难定其为制裁对象。因此,各国政府还将向联合国提供有制裁对象实名的金融交易情报等具体资料。   截止到15日,韩国政府也尚未拿出有实际价值的资料。在需要具体证据的目前状况下,也有人指出通过联合国的制裁方案无法制裁,存在局限性。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: