KFC cross selling sunscreen do not make good fried chicken is not a good snack hamimelon

KFC cross sell sunscreen do beauty is not a good fried chicken fast food recently, in the beauty industry launched a cross-border heat, whether Japan or big Korean cosmetics, cheap products, have to play with the cross-border cooperation. This form of cross-border cooperation, also known as crossover, artists are often called "mix". Especially for the cosmetics and women love to stop playing the crossover, the red fruit had to make a woman feel the temptation of money. Watt? KFC grandpa sell make-up? No mistake? Yes, you’re not wrong, not only selling fried chicken KFC also launched a sunscreen! Moreover, the limited production of 3000 bottles of sunscreen has long been an American friend to grab a space…… As for what kind of sunscreen? Fried chicken? French fries…… You still smell it yourself! In addition to sunscreen, the smell of fried chicken KFC in Hongkong produced a nail polish wood you must forget, in order to make the original chicken can really suck, the nails used edible raw materials, spicy flavor and two optional, is responsible for the production of their home fragrance food technology company McCormick and advertising company Ogilvy & Mather joint research and development. All this seems to be the color of nail polish nails can be used to fried chicken sauce, with tomato sauce and Thousand Island dressing on the finger, what are you waiting for…… Innisfree was aware of the benefits of crossover, so often play a crossover, just finish the cross-border cooperation and Ali, and mouth monkey hold up, and not just the skin care products, is a selling point pocketed limited edition nail stickers is to let the woman who love to not, is simply the most Korean cosmetics the cosmetics sales strategy will play the hand cream! Please give me a dozen! Minutes to get out of the rhythm ah! Cute monkey mouth shape with eye-catching color cartoon, my girl heart have spread… The Face Shop x Kakao Friends The Face Shop once again play wave of cross border, explore the two dimensional world, released The Face Shop x Kakao stay adorable cute limited series of cross-border cooperation Friends. Just Meng Da various cartoon printed on the bottle body, let you put it down, linger, super pet abuse you heart! ETUDE x Kerrie Hess was born in Etude in ten years, working with Illustrator Kerrie Hess, many people may not understand Kerrie Hess, she is the famous Australian illustrator, once and Chanel, Tiffany and other big cooperation. The cooperation with Etude in the pink flagship, Etude is in line with the use of the crowd, is a lovely girl who just the mood must be grass and want to chop hands ~! 3CE 3CE is x babapapa hot South Korean cosmetics, Yan is not poor, it will not fall when the tide and babapapa ~相关的主题文章: