Keiko Kitagawa after a lapse of three years to shoot a photo show mature charm (Figure)

Keiko Kitagawa after a lapse of three years, the photo shoot set show mature charm (Figure) Keiko Kitagawa after three years of the album "30" Sina entertainment according to Japan’s "Sankei Sports" latest news, Keiko Kitagawa after a lapse of three years of the album "30", a new shot in Italy, a 30 year old female sexual maturity and charm, will listed in December 5th. Photo album "30" to "change the beginning of the Keiko Kitagawa" as the theme, recorded this year ushered in the age of 30, and married through the turning point of life charm of Keiko Kitagawa. Photo studio in Tokyo and Italy, Rome, Florence and other places to shoot. Keiko Kitagawa’s first album "27" in the market, three years ago than at the time, "30" is a layer of more mature charm, and the beauty of Italy street, so this album as the film works the same wonderful photos of Keiko Kitagawa, confident, calm, have not the same style. Finally, there is an exclusive interview with Keiko Kitagawa, she recorded the fate of the people met, married, and three years of life, but also included in the April wedding of precious photos. Keiko Kitagawa said: "in order to commemorate the 30 year old, also want to leave the memory, so with this work, the biggest surprise is the beauty of Italy, I hope the readers take this photo album in the Department of beautiful feeling of walking street. Compared with the previous album, I feel more mature, thanks to the fans who have always supported me." In addition, Keiko Kitagawa will set the listed on the portrait in Tokyo, Kobe, Fukuoka three city held a handshake, works on a photo album publicity, she also held a handshake, the first handshake in Tokyo and Osaka will have more than 4 thousand fans to join in, I believe this will cause great repercussions. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: