KD first universal custom festival officially launched freelander2

KD first national custom festival officially launched on September 17, 2016 at 13:00 PM, in the North Fourth Ring of Beijing, the home of the top-level design center, KD first national custom festival will be officially launched. At present, the custom industry to plant modular customization, only KD has always insisted on the design of the center of the heart to customize. Each house is carrying a family dream, the current customer in the market is difficult to buy their own customized products. ?? The stereotype of designers is far from our ordinary consumer’s life, especially the big designers, when we get to the house decoration is the wish to have some professional designers to give us personal guidance, we want to achieve their own decoration effect. The national custom festival activities to KD as a platform for consumers to create an unprecedented design master distance one to one service, so that the fashion into ten million. The main contents of this activity?? the domestic big coffee line forum to share industry leaders in the guest speech, in addition to zero distance listen to great coffee share those things with your decoration, the scene is more prizes waiting for you to get the value of 50000 yuan, children room furniture free coffee, one to one service teacher etc.. KD seventeen years to focus on design, personalized living space for your own custom, realize the dream of Home Furnishing for customers, let you feel worthwhile. ?相关的主题文章: