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Ji’nan reproduce the "waterfall", with which the science and technology "/"? Beijing – the 63 year old Wu Ming maintained a daily habit of his walk to Baotu Spring. Four seasons, regardless of day and night spewing Baotu Spring, is the "old Ji’nan" in the eyes of the most beautiful scenery. The "Spring City" in Ji’nan is famous for its springs, 72 eyes of Stephen reputation, but the "springs" water, this is not a joke. In recent years, Ji’nan quanqun unflowing crisis always appear in newspapers, the subtext is that Ji’nan water supply problem — even if your "Spring City", Ji’nan’s per capita water resources is only 17 of the country, is worthy of the name of the city of water; in addition, the shortage of water resources has also caused the springs spewing on unflowing time even for 926 days. The Ji’nan municipal water conservancy management, scientific and technological means to force, they must maintain continuous gushing springs to answer the proposition. The basin in the springs spewing, "the edge of the basin water" is the key to the view from the top of Ji’nan, the topography of the basin at a glance. The Northern Song Dynasty statesman essayist, Zeng Gong as Ji’nan "magistrate" period, to touch the water origin, had to go into the mountain survey, think in the mountain area of southern Ji’nan water infiltration to the urban area and exposed undercurrent spring. This caught on, but also revealed that the spring protection "key": as long as Ji’nan surrounding mountains and water fountains are the source of Ji’nan. But the paradox is that on the one hand, Ji’nan is close to the Yellow River, there are 4 large rivers, 124 small rivers and 15 reservoirs, water retention times Quanyong sleep without any anxiety; but on the other hand, "on the water" reality to ensure annual abundant water; at the same time, Ji’nan flood control and drainage capacity, ultra low mining of groundwater and serious water pollution, water ecological degradation and other natural disasters, man-made factors and the "spring break overlap spray" from time to time. What should I do? In winter, science and Technology Daily reporter to follow the "central media Ji’nan water ecological civilization pilot journalists came to the Baotu Spring park. At this time the park real-time water level display, "28.89 meters" digital visitors no regrets — Baotu Spring spewing red line is 27.01 meters from 27.01 meters to 28.89 meters, 1.88 meters gap both to ensure that the spring "mustering strength" spewing, also confirms the correctness of Jinan spring protection technology "combined". The Yellow River groundwater water instead of "special" Ji’nan, the purification process is "priority among priorities" this year, one thing lying Hushan Reservoir Management Office Director Xu Zhengrui is busy is the expansion of reservoir, to ensure the realization of "rain mountain, rain out of Sichuan, the heavy rain safety goal. His Wohushan reservoir is the only large-scale reservoir in Ji’nan City, shouldering the wet period and dry season water storage in southern mountain water, vegetation and conservation of city water supply task. For 15 large and medium-sized reservoirs in Ji’nan, adequate water storage is one of the important means to protect the spring. In Queshan reservoir in the north of Ji’nan, the Yellow River water purification process has been continuously updated several times. The last one was the "coagulation – sedimentation – Filtration – disinfection process for the transformation of" intermediate high density sedimentation – ozone catalytic oxidation – up flow biological activated carbon adsorption, V sand filter, liquid chlorine disinfection process, transformation of the advantage of Technology)相关的主题文章: