Jin Yong told Jiangnan, now look at the court-diying

Jin Yong told the south, and now to see the court recently, ninety-three year old martial arts novelist Jin Yong copyright infringement and unfair competition on the grounds that the prosecution of best-selling author jiangnan. Everyone is a famous predecessors, one party is in March this year to 32 million yuan royalties on the writer rich list as a result of a stone of the bright younger generation, mottaki. However, the public comment: "little old debt repayment as unalterable principles. What did the lawyer to court judge how I do." In this way, the next, it is all the courts and lawyers. Put aside the copyright and other legal issues, first talk about the same humanities". The so-called humanities, in fact, is the use of the original novel, film or animation works in the character set, the story of the story, the non-commercial two creation. Jin Yong sued the debut of "Jiangnan youth" is here, a film based on Jin Yong’s martial arts novels with the humanities, Jiangnan himself admitted in a statement, "the characters in the book are the basic name really from Mr. Jin Yong’s series of martial arts novels". Similar to the humanities in the Chinese Internet is also a large number of existing, it may be said that as long as the work has a certain popularity, will appear with the humanities. So, how should we look at this kind of work? First of all, we can make it clear that the original intention of the humanities is not to infringe the copyright of the original author, on the contrary, but out of the original love. These are often from the original obsession with humanistic fanatical fans of the original hand, they are familiar with and understand far beyond the general reader, is writing with the humanities, or dissatisfaction with the original story plot or the evolution of the relationship between the characters, rewriting and fill on it, make it more perfect in their minds. For, or is simply "use" of the original frame and background characters, the creation of a new story, is essentially a development and extension of the original. Anyway, all need the same author devoted a lot of time and human effort, and one of the outstanding works, and even make the original authors have a bright feeling, marvel at the same humanities talent and creativity, for example, "Harry · Potter" author J.K. Rowling was enthusiastic with the humanities creation table Yang Guo the reader. From another point of view, this is the reader’s highest praise to the original author. In fact, if we put the same people in the context of the development of literary history, we will find that such works can be described as a long history. The "Three Kingdoms" to a certain extent can be said to be the "Three Kingdoms" with humanity, even distorted the original, "like Zhuge’s wisdom and the demon", and "Golden Lotus" also can be regarded as the "Water Margin" with humanities, the chapters of the plot became a common book. As for the "dream of Red Mansions" is needless to say, the gaoe sequel probably can be said to be the most famous China literary history — the people today, the creation of such Everfount still come out, for example, Chinese, Japan each have a novelist wrote "a dream of Red Mansions" killings. Along with the deepening of the development of the Internet and the popularization of higher education, with the active participation of the people of this kind of cultural activities, active communication, in fact, will only be more and more.相关的主题文章: