Jiaodong 3000 year old ancient villages in the ruins has more than and 10 tombs delivered from oppre spyair

Jiaodong 3000 year old ancient villages in the ruins has delivered from oppression more than and 10 tombs original title: Jiaodong 3000 year old ancient village delivered from oppression morning news yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jiaozhou Museum, in order to cooperate with the Jiaodong international airport construction, Municipal Institute of Archaeology and their formal of the original located in Jiaodong street construction area a week wangzhuangcun Zhou Dai village site of rescue explore. It is reported that the early exploration, there are many ruins of Zhou Dai pits and more than and 10 different period tombs, the tombs of the Han majority, the three tombs and a Qing tombs have been excavated, the archaeological research on Zhou Dai ancestors way of life and the tombs of the Han Dynasty culture has important scientific value. Village hidden in the ruins of Zhou Dai from the previous year, with the Jiaodong International Airport to start building, Jiaozhou Jiaodong Street Week Wang Zhuang Cun and the surrounding villages have begun the overall relocation. Airport project is very large, in order to protect the underground cultural relics are not destroyed, we carried out a large number of pre exploration work, it was discovered that the site." Yesterday, in the archaeological site, an archaeological staff told reporters, from the beginning of last year, they and the archeology Institute and the Jiaozhou museum to form a joint archaeological exploration team, focusing on the construction of Jiaodong Regional Airport to begin large-scale survey, the final week of King Zhuang Cunnan in the original Jiaodong street side found the ruins of Zhou Dai 3000 years ago. After a preliminary survey and exploration, archaeologists found a site area of more than 3 thousand square meters, there are many underground tombs, pits, wells, kiln and other sites, mainly for the week, and tell the three period. There are more than and 10 different periods of burial yesterday morning, the reporter came to this site archaeological site, I saw a number of archaeologists are busy on the scene. Now has just entered a substantive stage of excavation, only to clean up the site above the soil, we did more than half a month’s time, slow is slow, but not to the slightest bit of archaeological work." The archaeologists said, the site has been proven, in addition to Zhou Dai pits, there are more than and 10 tombs, most of which is a Qing Dynasty Tombs tomb, otherwise, at present they have the Qing tombs excavated, unearthed bronze mirrors, rings, earrings, coins and other artifacts of Qianlong reign. In addition, these tombs were not found in the tombs of Zhou Dai. "Zhou Dai is the foundation and development of Chinese period of feudal society, highlight the distinctive grade and etiquette system, has significant and profound impact on all aspects of society. Among them, Zhou Dai burial form distinct and other dynasties, Zhou Dai chose more close to the edge of the village cemetery, we speculated that the Zhou Dai tomb although no in ruins, but it may be near." Archaeologists say. Many have been unearthed buried at present, archaeologists have discovered the tomb and three on the surface of multiple pits the three tomb has been excavated. Reporters noted that the three Han Tombs at an average depth of about two meters, in the tomb of corpse head to the East, every grave, close to the head position to put some funerary pottery, because of the age the pots have been broken. "Although these jars were broken, but it is mainly on the study of the Han Dynasty ancestors daily life style相关的主题文章: