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Jiangxi, a man actually hit the lover into such a reason or…… Nanchang news network is only because the two feelings between the cracks, and quarrel, Nanchang a man with a hand toward the victim Jo face slapped, but cause the nasal bone fracture. In November 8th, the reporter was informed that, recently, Xihu District people’s court trial, the crime of intentional injury, Zhang sentenced the accused guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to three months imprisonment. According to reports, October 10, 2015 22 am, Zhang came to the victim’s home, the two sides quarrel because of emotional problems. After the defendant Zhang with his right hand toward the victim Jo’s face slapped, causing the victim Jo nasal fracture. After two forensic identification: the victim’s injuries were slightly injured Cao class two. October 21, 2015, the defendant Zhang was arrested by public security organs. The court held that the defendant Zhang deliberately damage the health of others, causing a minor injury two, and its behavior has constituted the crime of intentional injury. The facts and charges charged by the public prosecutor. The defendant Zhang justice truthfully confessed his crime, be given a lighter punishment. After the incident, the defendant Zhang compensation for the loss of the victim and get their understanding, appropriate sentences. Then made the decision in accordance with the law. After hearing the court after the verdict, Zhang too late for regrets, because of his impulsive feelings, not only not to save, also face three months in jail. (Liu Wenfeng, Li Xiang correspondent Pan Yi)相关的主题文章: