Is so capricious! The Mavericks don’t live in the hotel’s Trump

Is so capricious! The Mavericks don’t live in the hotel’s reentry Trump Trump: "who cares?" Sina sports news Beijing time on November 16th, with Donald Trump was elected as the new president of the United States, the United States an opposition, there is no exception in NBA. According to the famous reporter Mark – stern and Zach Rowe reported that at least 3 NBA teams have decided not to re live Trump brand hotel, they are the Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee bucks and Memphis grizzlies. It is reported that another NBA East team plan before next season and the termination of a company located in Manhattan city of Trump office building contract. At the same time, the other 7 anonymous NBA team said they still planned in this season in Trump brand hotel. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is the US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s loyal supporters, but Cuban repeatedly denounced Trump, so the Mavericks refuse to stay in Trump hotel is to be expected. Since Trump beat Hilary was elected the new president of the United States, a number of domestic city in the United States have anti Trump large-scale parade. The United States CBS recently accepted the "60 minutes" interview, Trump said he noticed the United States against his March, but he is not worried about whether Trump brand will be affected. "Who cares?" Trump said, "we will save the country. I don’t care about my hotel occupancy. Compared to what we are doing, this is a big thing." (Rosen)  相关的主题文章: